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Tips for safe laser hair removal in Dubai

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What’s the worst thing that could happen to you for getting a laser treatment for facial hair removal? Apparently, it could ruin your upcoming wedding day. That’s the story that has recently come to light courtesy of a local tabloid here in Dubai, horrific photographs and all.

You know the details, but for those who don’t, a poor bride-to-be came to some obscure skin clinic in the emirate to have some unwanted hair removed by laser, but instead got a patch of her face burned off, leaving her with a set of highly-visible permanent scars and what could possibly be the worst pre-wedding story; a botched job that could have been avoided easily with a little bit of research.

Customers have started asking questions: Is laser even safe for cosmetic applications? If those are the side effects then why is the local municipality permitting clinics to perform the procedure? Is walking around without a trace of hair worth the risk of becoming Scarface, should something go very wrong (no offence to the victim)? How much training do they really provide those technicians before they allow them to burn people’s faces off?

This isn’t some PSA to scare you away from undergoing that cosmetic treatment you’ve been contemplating, but a bit of warning, advising you to exercise caution and sound judgment before allowing somebody else to perform something on your face or skin. Amal Rashkidi, Corporate Medical Director at Silkor Laser Medical Center, gives us some pointers on what you should know before and after a laser hair removal session in Dubai.

What important things should a customer know before considering laser?

Laser hair removal is a simple and safe procedure especially when done at a medical center whose machines are FDA approved and applied by experienced highly trained professionals. The most crucial aspects that the customer should know before considering laser hair removal are:

  • The center sought should be licensed, meaning that the location of the center, the staff and the machine should meet all the medical standard requirements.
  • While many centers have the “one laser fits all” mentality, customers should check options where centers have several FDA approved machines specified to match the needs of different hair kinds as each person is born with certain hair texture, color and skin type.
  • Pre-treatment consultation is mandatory for all patients who are undergoing laser hair removal.

Why is pre-treatment evaluation important? What do you evaluate for?

Prior to any laser session, a client must go through a consultation with a medical director or dermatologist to identify the skin type, the hair color and texture and to decide if the area can be treated or not. During the consultation, all vital information should be provided for the before, during and after laser hair removal procedure (e.g. before and after advice, number of sessions and time intervals, final expectations, and price).

What type of skin is the prime candidate for laser hair removal?

The principle behind laser technology is “selective photothermolysis”. The laser beam selectively targets dark matter, i.e. the melanin in the hair. The system emits laser light that is absorbed by the melanin for only a fraction of a second and the absorbed light is transformed into heat. The duration of each pulse is just long enough to damage the hair root without damaging any surrounding tissue. Meanwhile, the cooling system helps protect the skin by conductive cooling during the laser energy delivery. As a conclusion, the higher the contrast between the hair and skin color the better the results.

What are the usual side effects? What symptoms should the patients be worried about?

When the treatment is applied properly, you will not experience any damage to your skin. All the possibilities are short-term reactions such as a redness which may take from a few minutes to several hours to fade away. For example, working individuals can get treated during their lunch break and by the time they’re back at the office there should be no visible indications that they received laser treatment.

If the patient experiences pain, a burning sensation, unbearable heat more than half an hour after the treatment, the patient should worry and immediately seek help from a dermatologist.

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