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The Fashion Network’s Fashion for a Cause

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Last night saw the unveiling of The Fashion Network’s Fashion for a Cause photo project – a series of photos featuring the region’s top bloggers and online fashion editors (that’s us!) in exquisite vintage clothing from the soon-to-officially-open Bambah Boutique on Jumeirah Beach Road – at a cocktail event flocked by the cream of Dubai’s fashion crop.

As we stepped out of the lift and onto the second floor where Rhodes Mezzanine is at the Grosvenor House, we were greeted by one of the hotel’s attendants, who immediately started sharing juicy details, animatedly, about who had come before us and how they were dressed. “It’s like Miss Universe in there!” And we thought people weren’t going to stick to the “Fabulous” dress code. We were obviously mistaken.

Isidora Peric, Founder of The Fashion Network, with Lyla Loves Fashion’s Zahra Pedram.

The project aims to raise awareness on various issues, ranging from ones that we encounter in our daily lives to bigger ones that affect societies on a global level. The photographs directs attention to the importance of illnesses, like breast cancer and diabetes, and how affected individuals can benefit from early diagnosis and treatment. Other issues highlighted include disability (and the Middle East’s love affair with not wearing seat belts while driving, which definitely leads to it), and animal testing and cruelty.

More high-resolution images will be available here soon, so do watch this space to find out more about the fashionable campaign.

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