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The comeback of wide-leg trousers?

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The legend of the wide-leg trousers. Ever since they went out of the mainstream about a decade back, they’ve been consistently trying to make a comeback, like a militant rebels staging a coup, or Britney Spears struggling to get noticed again. They weren’t very successful in previous attempts, but could 2011 be the year wide-leg jeans become a mainstay in contemporary fashion?

Take Gucci’s pre-Fall 2011 collection for instance. Out of its 42 looks, the line featured this certain cut  in six of them, two of which come in the form of wide shorts paired with thigh-highs. There’s something very elegant and chic about this particular aesthetic that’s both charming and intriguing. From slim legs to skinny jeans to leggings to jeggings, is fashion going the other way around?

Wide-legs trousers have an enchanting, flowing look to them. There’s a sense of adoration for the wearer who is able to pull it off like Eleanor Waldorf did in the pilot episode of Gossip Girl four years ago, coupled with an innocent wondering, and instantly followed by self-doubt, that you could emulate the look yourself and still retain a smidgen of dignity. That being said, beauty doesn’t come without its drawbacks. The hemlines have to be cut to a certain length so that it doesn’t skim the floor so much, because otherwise you’re just asking to clean the malls and the streets with your bottoms, for free. Another issue is that because it uses more fabric, it’s bound to cost more. It’s amazing how we didn’t ask why skinny jeans didn’t cost less when they first came out, no?

Obviously, if an Italian fashion house like Gucci can devote 14% of its pre-Fall line to this look then someone is bound to notice and take heed (Zara et al.). But is the brand’s championship enough to make a dead trend rise out of the grave? We know many are victims of fashion, and would blindly follow whatever they see on the racks of high-end stores however ridiculous they may look, but a majority of fashion enthusiasts are now more sophisticated and more intelligent when it comes to choice of clothing, thanks to It’s the era of fashion democracy, and consumers have as much say on what they should wear as big bold brands like Gucci.

So we asked our followers on Facebook what they thought of this new trend, and here are our findings: 75% of respondents, including Dubai-based stylist Kelly Lundberg of Divine Personal Styling, fell in love with the look. The remaining 25% meanwhile, were in heavy opposition.

“They remind me of an updated version of harem pants which is the most ridiculous thing ever. It does nothing for your body shape. Similarly, wide leg pants are baggy to some extent, especially when you walk around, and at times looks like a long skirt. I would rather invest in a chic pair of pants than the 70s look,” said Chic Abdl in a Facebook comment.

“I mean how long can you rock this look? Take for example skinny jeans. They recently had a revamp – jeggings. You can wear skinny jeans or jeggings whenever. On the other hand, wide leg pants need a time and place. Will you see people rocking this in a mall over the weekend? I really hope this trend dies down and fast,” she added.

What do you think? Are you getting ready for a fashionably baggy season?

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