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The Beauty File: Fresh fragrances for men

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If there’s something that you can say about the way men view fragrances here in the region, it’s that they more often than not apply a “the more the merrier” approach when it comes to the spritzing. They obviously have good taste and a knack for the most expensive bottles of aromatic magic on the market, but that doesn’t necessarily (and ever) translate to a fresh-smelling gentleman.

So in this first of a series of Beauty Files that we have lined up for the week (yup, we’ll be running articles for this section everyday until Thursday), we sought out the lightest eaux de toilette available for men so in case that your man can’t control that index finger from pumping the spray nozzle, he won’t end up intoxicating everyone with his heavy-as-incense scent.

L’Eau pour Homme  by Armand Basi

You can never go wrong with aquatic scents. They’re cool, light, clean, and in most cases come in a very gentlemanly blue packaging. They give you images of an enchanting escape to the shores of Maldives, or, if used to living like Chuck Bass, on a yacht in the middle of the Indian Ocean. And that’s exactly what Armand Basi’s L’Eau pour Homme is all about.

The new fragrance by the Spanish la casa de moda draws its inspiration from the sea. Romantic, evocative, mysterious and immense, the sea is the blue canvas of all fantasies. Cradle of cultures, country for pirates, vision for explorers, muse for poets. The sea is a measure of the infinite. The perfume is a natural mix of energy and passion, inspired by the coolness of the sea and the spice of the Mediterranean.

The top notes of bergamot and lavender evokes a sensation a blue breeze on the beach, while middle notes of cardamom and nutmeg offer a spicy twist to the universality of aqua. Its base notes leave a dynamic and refreshing imprint provided by moss, prized patchouli and Mediterranean blue cypress.

Black by Mandarina Duck

Don’t let the name fool you. This fragrance is not as dark and grim as it sounds. It takes its name from the intensity and masculinity – represented no better by the enigmatic colour – that Mandarina Duck’s new eau de toilette offers.

Belonging to the Oriental-Fougère olfactive family, the scent is light and inviting, yet exotic and mysterious.

The fragrance’s top note surprises with an original, exotic note of Indian Pepper enhanced with a sparkling Hesperides cocktail of Bergamot — fresh, natural and Mediterranean — and a note of Tangerine.

The middle note reveals the elegant masculinity of Tonka beans, enriched by brush strokes of Tahitian Tiare flower and Orange Blossom, adding naturalness and purity to the whole. The bottom note brings out all the sensuality and warmth of a blend of noble woods such as Mysore Sandalwood and Atlas Cedar, with an elegant touch of Madagascar Vanilla.

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