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The 6 most talked about handbags of 2010

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After figuring out the perfect frock comes the need for the perfect handbag, and the past year has been a beacon of beautiful purses that make heavy contenders for that particular category. In this roundup in honour of the year gone by, we pick out the top of the heap and pay tribute to the designs that keep fashion evolving.

The Rocco by Alexander Wang

Some may have complained about its weight, or its shapelessness, or how the former leads to the latter, but this design by the new breed of Asian-American talent has become so popular that everybody, as in everybody who has the slightest interest in shopping, knows what it’s called and would love to have one despite its obvious flaws.

That oh-so-familiar shape of Louis Vuitton’s Speedy, modernised by a batallion of little stud feet and stylised by a quilt pattern that tries so hard to be nothing like Chanel (Marc Jacobs, listen up) got followers of fashion going crazy about this purse. This is evidenced by the fact that most editions of the bag sold out really fast.

Even members of the Volturi fell in love with the Rocco (

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