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Margherita gives the chopping board a fashionable touch

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These bags are part of Ghita’s first collection for Margherita, her first official venture into the world of fashion after completing a master’s program in accessories design at the Domus Academy in Milan. The six-piece handbag collection is complemented by similarly-styled belts and silver rings that also feature leather as an integral design element.

So will wood become inscribed as a crucial ingredient in her creative recipes? One would think so. After all, as she made a splash with such bizarrely interesting wood handles, the natural element has been tied into the identity of her brand and it would only make sense to keep creating more handbag designs around it. But Ghita begs to differ.

She believes in sporadically using the material for her future creations, but not so frequently that each handbag will have it as though wood has been hardwired into the design DNA. “Maybe not a signature element for all my designs, as I am now working on a Spring 2011 collection without it.”

“However, I do think I will repeat the use of the wood in some later designs and will definitely keep introducing it in my collections. I believe in consistency but also in variety. Too much wood will get redundant and boring, I want to keep it interesting.”

Margherita is currently available at Starch Boutique in Lebanon, but the designer is getting her collections stocked the UAE and other GCC countries.

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