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Margherita gives the chopping board a fashionable touch

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“That bag looks like the stylish sibling of a wooden chopping board, in a very good way” was our first reaction when we saw one of Ghita Abi-Hanna’s creations. Not very often do you see a random kitchen item as deceptively simple as a chopping board cross over to the dark side of fashion. And we love it.

The designer, founder of Lebanese accessories label Margherita, stumbled upon the idea of working with wooden handles while she was looking for an innovative way to create the closure and handle of the handbag without resorting to the standard solutions already available on the market. “Actually, the wood, which now seems to be an initial element in my pieces, was the last step in the design process,” she told us in an exclusive interview with La Moda Dubai.

“Part of my research for this collection stems from packaging, cardboard and wooden boxes, which inspired the folds and forms of my bags. Working from that perspective, I derived the geometrical shape of the handle and decided to use wood as a natural material which really complements the leather while being sturdy and durable,” Ghita added.

When we asked what she thought of our comparison of her designs to a wooden chopping board, she laughed, saying, “I love the analogy! I was doing a lot of my sketching in the kitchen, so I guess I may have been influenced. Besides, you never know when you might urgently need a chopping board. No need to worry if you are carrying one of my bags!”

The elaborate, hand-stitched detailing on the sack of naturally-treated leather, with ruffles and voluminous pleats that call immediately Valentino’s signature touch to mind, provides an exciting contrast to the smooth neutrality of the wooden handles. “I chose to create that contrast between very masculine geometric elements in combination with more feminine details which will appeal to women more,” she explained. Next page >>

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