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Label to watch: LAS8 Paris Maison de Couture

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“I don’t wear leather jackets because they’re for goons in movies,” we remember a friend saying. This statement could have been made years ago, but it stuck with us to this day because, frankly, it had a very valid point.

If you look closely at the way bad guys are portrayed in film – Hollywood or Bollywood – you’ll realise that, indeed, it’s the single most important part of an antagonist’s outfit.

And because of this notion, we have tried to stay away from this piece of clothing. Add the fact that the Middle East, with the exception of places that see snowfall every Winter, doesn’t really give us much of an opportunity to wear leather jackets, and you’ve got a recipe for a ban not unlike what France is currently doing, whining about the burqa.

So imagine our surprise when we came across an exquisite collection of leather jackets that effectively shuns the association with bad guys on Harleys and welcomes a new breed of fashion-forward customers into the culture of donning the iconic garment. LAS8 Paris Maison de Couture, a new French couture house that focuses exclusively on luxurious materials such as exotic skins and fur, caught our attention with their innovative reinterpretation of the ill-reputed jacket. We spoke to one of its founders, Philippe Anton, about the new collection, the importance of leather to the luxury industry, and the label’s plans for the future.

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Why did you focus on leather jackets for your collection?

Leather is a great source of inspiration for us. It stimulates us come up with our creations. There is always the relation of man with animals. My partner and I have always been fascinated by the animal world, in awe of all species that are rare and noble. Being able to work the skins and furs is a treasure for us. The use and of skins is a valuable process of continuous learning and that’s what we love. It therefore seemed obvious to specialize in this area of fashion.

Do you plan on branching out to menswear/womenswear? Which category would you enter first, if so, and when do you plan to?

We do plan to expand our range of clothing for the second collection. However, we wish to remain experts in luxury jacket and become a market reference. If we expand our range, we will still be working primarily with exotic leathers, fur and lambskin. We are currently working on new pieces such as trousers and accessories.

How important are leather and fur to luxury fashion? Is it possible to communicate luxury to customers without using these materials?

Leather and fur are in complete harmony with the luxury sector. Exotic skins and furs are of course synonymous with rarity and prestige. Currently, fewer craftsmen have the knowledge to work with these skins. France has been recognised for year as an expert in this market. The work of skin and fur requires true expertise, and this is what makes the pieces so valuable. Each model takes hours of work. There is also the historical aspect in connection with exotic skins and their origins. This is a precious link that brings humanity closer to its origins.

From the inception of our fashion house, it seemed obvious that we wanted to become experts in the luxury ready-to-wear market by working materials such as rare exotic skins. We don’t believe that the use of precious skins is required to be positioned in this market. What is important is to respect its commitments, rigor, and provide the highest quality to its customers. And above all, it is important to always be in a dynamic of creation and discovery in order to preserve the excellence of each model.

Prices of LAS8 Paris Maison de Couture’s designs range from €3,000 to €4,000 for men’s jackets and €1,500 to €4,500 for women’s pieces. To set up an appointment at their Paris showroom (and that’s the only way you’ll get to see these luxe creations up close and personal), send them an email at or ring +33 98 1034176.

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