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Say hello to Be Inthavong’s Weave Bags

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Ladies of Dubai, if you love the woven leather bags by Bottega Veneta then we’re sure that you’ll fall head over heels in love with the new luxury handbag line soon to hit the shelves at Saks Fifth Avenue in Dubai.

New York-based Creative Director Be Inthavong is launching his first solo effort titled The Heritage Weave Collection after being the other half of famous fashion label Be&D for almost six years.

The soon-to-be it bags (paging Tomas Maier!) pride themselves for their rich history of craftsmanship and innovation, resulting from modernising a rare, 500-year-old indigenous Laotian weaving technique by creating a patent-pending process of hand looming finely cut micro-strips of leather and silk.

Priced from $695 to $2,995, the bags’ leather has the characteristic of fabric – very soft but durable, lightweight yet strong, and smooth to the touch. The leather, tanned in Upstate New York, is of the highest grade and quality as used in luxury furniture and interiors of private jets and yachts.

Inthavong focused on clean, classic, elegant silhouettes in a variety of sizes that highlight the integrity of the weave. Meanwhile, the interior is as thoroughly and luxuriously constructed as the exterior. To back and support the weaves, Inthavong is lining many of the bag with signature hand-embossed lambskin.

To further discuss the launch of The Heritage Weave Collection, Inthavong speaks to La Moda to answer some of our initial queries.

Why do you think ladies of Dubai and of the Mid-East should love your weave bags?

My patent-pending weaving technique is an innovative and completely new way of using leather to make handbags.  Many big houses such as Bottega Veneta and Prada have used woven leather but no one has ever come up with this idea of weaving leather on silk looms following a centuries old way of weaving silk, and thus making the fabric supple, light and beautiful aesthetically. The savvy customers of Dubai would appreciate and value this handbag which is one of a kind.

What is it about this weave bag that makes it stand out from a pool of “it” bags?

Aside from the weave itself, the shapes of these handbags are very simple but elegant, not flashy and burdened with hardware so that all that attracts the eye is the look of the weave, the way it feels to the touch, the sophistication and uniqueness of the texture.  With each season, we will come up with new combinations of various colors of leather and silk, so the possibilities are endless and always unique.

Can you share more details about the Saks launch?

A possible personal appearance and trunk show may be scheduled for the launch. It’s all due to scheduling. However, we plan on doing some press with the Saks Dubai marketing team.

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