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The Beauty File: New scents for women

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Mademoiselle Coco Chanel once said, “A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.” Such a remark could be unforgivable if it wasn’t coming from Lady Chanel, but despite its seemingly obnoxious tone, we believe that there’s true wisdom behind such statement – spraying on fragrant essences is definitely a necessity for any woman (or man for that matter).

It is the woman’s scent that imprints her style and invigorates her presence, thus staying fragrant is a prime basic to any lady aiming to become classy and fabulous. And, forgetting to spritz on fragrance is utterly and undeniably unacceptable, well just reiterating our ever dearest mademoiselle.

We know that finding the right fragrance that will signify a woman’s signature scent is difficult as it is a very personal task, yes, but we’ve come across a number of new scents just launched in the market that could suit your picky olfactory sense. Try checking out these perfumes at beauty counters, and trust us that you won’t be surprised to find one that is well-fitting for your style, personality and budget.

Miss Pucci

The Prince of Prints has introduced Miss Pucci: the emblematic and resolutely modern fragrance which embodies the quintessential style of the “Pucci woman.” Youth, energy and charm sketch out a sparkling floral and musky fragrance. The new and absolutely feminine Miss Pucci is a languid floral scent with musky base notes.

The scents are bottled inside a graphic theme – the small oval bubble motif that recurs often in Pucci prints, most notably in the Vivara print. Designer Ora Ito translated this iconic Pucci motif into a precious bottle, embodying the maison’s fundamental codes. As noted in its packaging, Miss Pucci adorns herself with colour and splendor, and evokes a sense of perpetual freedom. She is both sophisticated and seductive.

The new Pucci fragrance is available in two sizes 50ml (AED 330) and 75ml (AED 415) from Saks Fifth Avenue, Faces, Sephora, Harvey Nichols, Bloomingdales and Debenhams. The perfume is accompanied by a bath gel and body milk, ensuring continuity for much alluring beauty rituals.

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