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Style tips: How to look cool in Dubai’s Winter

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At last, it’s that time of year when we can start to enjoy and translate many of this season’s trends without running the risk of being labeled a fashion victim – Uggs, shorts and fifty degrees spring to mind!

Keeping cool (and warm in the evenings) and not changing outfits three times a day means stretching your imagination when it comes to planning your outfits on a daily basis. A top style tip to overcome this is layering, resulting in an on-trend and chic look without breaking the bank. So here are my divine suggestions to consider when you are trying to achieve this effortless look.

As a rule of thumb, the thinnest garment should be worn closest to your skin, which automatically means that the thickest garment should be towards the top of the layer. When styling clients, I suggest wearing a camisole as the layer closest to your body, the next layer use a lighter cardigan and then wear a heavier jacket or, as more suited to this climate, a blazer for the topmost layer.

The colour and fabric are some of the main points to consider when layering clothing. Stay clear of chunky knits and limit your look to 3 things on top. Camel and neutral colours are bang on trend for this season and perfect for layering giving you that classically chic look.

Layering is not only confined to the top part of your body! Consider leggings or tights with over the knees or ankle boots, perfect with a jumper dress or skirt.  I love  Jimmy Choo’s collection of peep-toe boots, ideal for this climate as we don’t need to contend with snow.

Accessories such as scarves and belts are essential items when wanting to achieve the layered look. My Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse Rose scarf is one of my personal faves. Check out Maddona wearing hers. Skinny belts over long cardigans and shirts also help to define shape and silhouette.

Avoid layering garments with  the same style. For example, if you are layering a ruffled shirt with a sweater, avoid using the same details on the sweater.  Don’t be scared to mix and match patterns with solids. The idea is to make each of your layers clearly visible for a complete fashion statement.

Experiment and have fun. Remember life’s too short to look just fine – everyday you should always look divine!

About the author

Owner of Divine Personal Styling and author of Middle East bestseller “Success in the City” Kelly Lundberg is a much sought after  guest speaker who is asked to present her style-ntreprenur to numerous international organisations.

Her regular circuit of motivational talks can be heard in Dubai, London and Scotland. Events that she has taken the stage include the relaunch of The World Trade Centre Club, international schools and universities, community groups and professional women’s networking organisations.

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