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Riding boots on men: What do you think?

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Forgive our fixation on boots these past few days, but it’s Wintertime in Dubai so we’re just taking advantage of the timeliness of the subject. On the agenda today is equestrian or riding boots on men. What do you think? Hot or pretentious?

It’s obviously not a very popular look, here and elsewhere. But there’s a visible movement in the fashion industry that seemingly attempts to revive consumer interest in men’s riding boots.

They were all over the place at Autumn/Winter 2010 fashion weeks earlier this year, appearing in almost every show but most notably in the Louis Vuitton Fall 2010 menswear collection.

The only recognisable person we’ve seen try it here in Dubai so far is couture designer Ezra Santos (Nope, those boots Iconic CEO Raza Beig wore to the Splash A/W 2010 Fashion Revolution show aren’t high enough to be classified as such), and we honestly don’t know what to make of this wild unpopularity.

As fashion people we try to keep an open mind about every style we encounter, and we agree that this one is very appealing when worn by a professional model. But to this day we still haven’t completely decided if it’s a good look for normal people or not, and if it’s appropriate for the UAE’s culture, weather and aptitude in fashion.

If there’s one thing we’re sure of, we’re not expecting to see this particular style of dressing trickle down to the masses anytime soon. Maybe for someone with the right attitude and significant influence within the fashion business, a man can pull this off without sacrificing his own dignity. For the average joe, better skip on to the next feasible look.

What say you?

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