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Pick of the day: Gemstone by Kara Ross

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Well, if it’s good enough for Rachel Zoe, then who are we to argue? The new Gemstone collection by Kara Ross veers away from the usual spectrum of eclectic shapes, commonly found in the New York-based designer’s other collections, and focuses on celebrating the beauty of geometry and architecture.

All the pieces, from the famous cuffs to the unique rings, are encrusted with semi-precious stones (onyx, hematite, sapphires to name a few) and bear a signature prism shape that sets the collection apart, not just from other accessories out there but also from Kara Ross’ other lines.

The structuralist aesthetic of the collection, combined with the wearer’s femininity, gives out a beautiful contrasting vibe that further highlights a woman’s delicate sophistication. Wear one of these cuffs together with a simple black tee and a pair of denim jeans and you’re looking casually chic with an unquestionable hint of bold urbanite.

Kara Ross is available at Harvey Nichols and Boutique 1 in the UAE. For contact information, please check out our Stockists page.

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