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Pick of the day: Glam rock boots by Stella Luna

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Glam rock has that particular distant, intimidating allure that many a fashionista shy away from, largely due to the fact that it’s a very hard look to pull off without ending up looking like a homeless person who stole clothes from a rockstar’s trailer. Or worse, like Taylor Momsen.

Now, we’re not going to give you tips on how to dress up for a rock concert – that’s a trade secret – but for those who actually can do the glam rock look flawlessly and beautifully, we’ve got a suggestion for you. Once you’ve figured out the right leather jacket and the eclectic set of studded accessories, why don’t you finish off the rebellious glamazon outfit with this hot pair of ankle booties by Stella Luna?

The combination of pyramid, round and crystal-cut studs, carefully placed on overlapping bands of leather, and the slouchy pouch-looking ankle capped off by a tiny buckle provides a complex aesthetic that’s definitely not designed for the styling newbie. But for fashionistas in the know, the gorgeously complicated look of this pair is right up your alley.

Priced at AED 2,290, it’s no Manolo Blahnik, but that’s good news for the rest of us who are not swimming in a pool of bundled dirhams. Grab your pair at the Stella Luna store at the Dubai Mall. For inquiries, give them a ring at 04-339 8913.

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