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Monsieur Steve’s provocative statement

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When was the last time you really caught everyone’s attention as you walked through the door, all because of a simple statement shirt you were wearing? We don’t get a lot of those here in Dubai and while there’s House of GlaMO who’s utterly fantastic in initiating fashion/social/cultural propaganda, we honestly need more variety.

Fortunately there’s online shopping which opens up a whole other universe of choices that wouldn’t have been available to us if it wasn’t for the Internet and Aramex Shop&Ship. So while we were scouring the worldwide web for quirky recommendations for our resident fashionistas this morning, we were pleasantly surprised to stumble upon a new independent designer from Europe who’s been gaining traction and a cult following among online-savvy stylephiles.

Meet Monsieur Steve. The young label is behind some of the most brilliantly provocative shirts that reflect the many unverbalized sentiments regarding the fashion industry and the movers and shakers of the business. From a mashup of Lady Gaga’s meat dress fiasco at the VMAs and hit fashion flick The Devil Wears Prada to a blasphemous expression of allegiance to the Kaiser, Monsieur Steve’s statements range from defiantly intellectual to tongue-in-cheek witty.

Some of his designs contain swear words, which we’re not sure are even legal here, but if you’re able to look past that, you’ll recognise the real talent that stands out in a flurry of boring statement shirt businesses out there.

Shirts are moderately priced at a standard €30 (~ AED 150) a pop, but a 10% discount awaits anyone who shares their purchase with their social networks on Twitter and Facebook (effective social marketing, no?). We did not find a UAE-based distributor for these shirts when we conducted our research, so for the meantime, our trusty Shop&Ship accounts save the day. Get yourself an irreverent makeover for the new year with one of these shirts. Available via Monsieur Steve’s online shop.

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