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Leighton Meester, new face of Missoni

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Remember when we told you Blake Lively is going to star in a Chanel handbag campaign next Spring? Apparently, the battle for Queen Bee status is just getting started. We’ve recently discovered that Leighton Meester is going to be the new face of Varesian fashion house Missoni.

The failed pop star is now looking towards her rising fashion celebrity to become a household name, if she isn’t already, and more ingrained in Generation Y’s pop culture.

Ms. Waldorf is also believed to be trying to catch up with Blake’s alleged high-end status. We operatively use the word alleged because we just can’t connect Blake with high-end.

But Leighton does indeed have some repackaging to do as far as her image is concerned, as apart from her Gossip Girl character (which she’s said she’s ditching in two years), people still associate her with Herbal Essences. The Vera Wang association hasn’t really taken off because nobody’s seen the campaign yet, and it’s not as recognisable a luxury brand as Missoni.

Good news for Leighton. She knows how to use her status to make potentially lasting business relationships and make herself better known than she already is.

And if this means no more fashion disasters for her like the one she had in that blue Versus dress – no offense to the brand, but that dress requires the curves Leighton just doesn’t have – then it’s very good news for all of us.