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Jean Paul Gaultier’s music video: Fashion advertising ahead of its time?

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Since Anna, Marc and ALT are now officially recording artists, with their speaking parts on Diddy’s Last Train to Paris album, we thought it might be a good idea to feature more fashion celebrities who, at one point in their careers, dabbled in music.

There’s not much we could find out there, but Jean Paul Gaultier’s 1988 music video How to do that just begged for some face time. To those who had no idea who Jean Paul Gaultier was 22 years ago (that goes out to everyone younger than 30), let us give you a bit of a primer.

Twelve years after French fashion’s enfant terrible launched his first collection, in the late 80s, JPG decided to cross over to the music world and came out with a weird music video featuring him chanting “Ow to do zat” repeatedly. Also in the video are several male models in drag and a young Naomi Campbell working an interesting piece of headgear.

While the music is absolutely abhorrent (and it should be, it was recorded two decades ago), the fashion is contrarily divine. Watching the video is like witnessing a fashion editorial come to life. It gives us an idea.

Why don’t more designers come out with music videos? Sure, there are a lot of fashion films and videos out there, but they don’t really engage viewers’ attention and therefore don’t do a very efficient job at advertising the brand. A music video, on the other hand, is a whole other kind of fashion novelty that’s going to keep viewers (potential customers) entertained for weeks or months on end. After all, members of the MTV generation are now old enough to earning a lot of disposable income.

Think about it. It’s a good way to showcase their latest collections, the press is absolutely going to eat it up, and let’s be honest, who would pass up an opportunity to see Karl Lagerfeld try to sing?

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