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Chic Lolita: Louis Vuitton Cruise 2011

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A few weeks back, we informed you of the newest ‘it’ leather in town – the Monogram Empreinte. And, we promised to excite you even more by sharing with you the beautiful pieces of the Louis Vuitton 2011 Cruise collection. It has been long overdue, we know, so we apologize for the delay in giving you part two.

To make up for the wait, we made sure that you’ll be enticed to power through the winter once you’ve taken a glimpse of Chic Lolita here on La Moda.

Recounting now our moments whilst at the preview – set quite rightly at the Dubai International Marine Club actually – we were charmed by the luscious colors of sorbets, bonbons and blush, combined with pale, almost milky acids, and pastels.

The lovely sight of mannequins donned with pieces that would wow even Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, took us onto nostalgia ride back to the Fifties, Sixties and Seventies. It reminded us how fashion could be born again yet still evolve into something more wonderful.

The representatives from the Louis Vuitton press office in Paris gladly took us around, and described to us the upcoming Cruise Collection aptly named Chic Lolita. According to the primer they gave us, Chic Lolita pertains to “the young, ultra-fresh Bardot who conquered Hollywood as if La Madrague was in Palm Springs”.

The inspiring and equally alluring Chic Lolita woman was further described: “As beautiful in a sundress as she is in a short suit and a sky-blue striped little boy shirt or high-waisted trousers, or a circle skirt with organza petticoat, or a Fifties strawberry-milkshake cocktail dress, the Chic Lolita is graceful to a T.

Whether she is in floral canvas ballet slippers or high-heeled sandals, this devastatingly charming Chic Lolita adores the impertinence and savoir-faire of the craftsmen behind them, and she steeps it all in sensational freshness”.

Carrying onto the preview, with these thoughts in mind, we were thrilled to witness the key items  that maketh Chic Lolita ultra stylish. We noticed the comeback of emblematic of the pinup years, and realised that sundresses are one of the must-haves from this collection. The sweet glamour of the floral prints exudes  tres girly appeal – well-groomed and coquettish, whether on the beach or on the avenue.

Unveiled through us were other borrowings from the Mad Men era: the summer coats that appear to be de rigueur in the Chic Lolita closet, the femme fatale cocktail dresses that symbolize the super feminine Fifties,  the high-waisted trousers that evoke the Seventies elegance, and the suits that show power and modern play to the retro appeal.

Of course, the collection would have not been complete without the accessories which by what we saw, we’d say were well-thought of. The Cruise jewels (must be worn in matching and in set) were all hand-made in sheer craftsmanship. Tha Panama hats and wide brimmed straw topper with LV eyelets, truly indispensible for sunny glamour, must have space in the bags if to go on board the Love Boat. The silk scarves, ballet flats and sunglasses were items not only to accompany for the summer, but to items of envy as well.

After touring the preview, we felt quite spent yet totally inspired to go on a cruise, and take on at least one or two of these romantic feminine Chic Lolita pieces in our Keepall. We thought that to travel is nice, but Chic Lolita reminded us that to travel in style is essential. So, yes, this collection was both delightful and educational. We knew how to look dainty yet glamorous when we’re off for the summer. So, we hope that you’ve been inspired too.

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