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Carine Roitfeld, fired from Vogue Paris?

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As news of Carine Roitfeld leaving her post of 10 years as French Vogue’s editor in chief widely circulated on the web during the past weekend, we didn’t feel the need to tell Dubai’s fashion pack about it at the risk of being mistaken for a broken record with no internet access.

But a new angle to Madame Roitfeld’s departure from the iconic Conde Nast publication has recently emerged – sparking our renewed interest in the matter – with an anonymous source close to the issue claiming that she was actually fired for a number of reasons, a few them the public already has an inkling of such as when the Balenciaga scandal broke out earlier this year, that could be directly connected to Roitfeld’s big announcement on Friday.

Did she do it? Unless a source is named, we don’t care. (Photo by Terry Richardson)

While denials have been made from Carine’s camp regarding her consultating gigs with fashion brands like Max Mara during her tenure as chief editor of Vogue Paris, the source of the rumour has alleged the former model-slash-stylist of having assisted the Italian fashion house in copying designs from Balenciaga’s previous collections at more than one occasion. “It wasn’t the first time. One [Balenciaga] precollection ended up, in its entirety, at Max Mara,” the source tells

Another mishap that put a question to Carine Roitfeld’s editorial integrity, thereby including Vogue’s judgment, was when she awarded this year’s ANDAM award, a €220,000 prize for emerging talent in France, to Turkish designer Hakaan, prompting an outcry in the Parisian fashion community.

But the last straw that put an end to Carine’s fashion editing career, the source says, was LVMH chairman Bernard Arnault’s purported threat to withdraw all advertising from the next issue of the publication, who was apparently not amused by the feature spread depicting heavily made-up children in compromising positions.

Meanwhile, allegations have been made pertaining to Roitfeld’s ineptitude as a writer, debunking the rumour that the magazine’s fashion director Emmanuelle Alt would succeed her. The conveniently anonymous insider called Alt “even less literate” than the outgoing chief editor.

But after all that’s been said, we want to ask, are we to believe a thing this whistle blower tells us? No. Carine Roitfeld has contributed so much to the fashion publishing business and the industry as a whole, having had a hand in reviving the dying Gucci brand when she worked with Tom Ford in the ’90s for instance, and in revitalising the slumping fashion media with her boundary-pushing creative genius and even her amazing personal style.

Even if all these allegations were true, doesn’t this anonymous source owe it to a fashion stalwart of Madame Roitfeld’s caliber to at least tell us who he or she is and tackle the issue head on? At least have the courage to show face and lend some credibility to these accusations. Until a name is given, and an explanation of how they have come to know these details, the source is as credible to us as a stand-up comedian in desperate need of comic validation and a few contrived laughs.

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