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Bryanboy’s $100,000 blogging paycheque

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We’re honestly not sure why Bryanboy isn’t more popular this side of the world. Maybe because the UAE TRA block on his near-decade-old fashion blog was finally lifted just a few months ago. Maybe because he’s Asian. We don’t know.

One thing we’re sure of, though, is that he makes more money than most people working top management jobs here in the Middle East. With an annual income of over AED 360,000 ($100,000), he’s definitely made a comfortable living out of sitting in front of a laptop and typing his thoughts away, probably without having to put in a good eight or nine hours everyday.

According to an interview with The Cut, BB makes a good chunk of his annual income from advertising, while the rest comes from charging for appearances, because elsewhere, the blogger is considered as some kind of internet celebrity among the ranks of Tavi Gevinson of The Style Rookie and Susie Lau of Style Bubble.

Of course, many people contest the celebrity status he’s been enjoying for the last year or two, saying he doesn’t deserve to be regarded as one of the top dogs in the world of fashion bloggers.

Well, he’s definitely not as prolific a writer as Tavi (who’s been accused of having one of her parents write on her behalf), but his blog is a good source of mindless entertainment. And besides, whoever said anything about people getting what they deserve? No, life doesn’t work like that.

This should serve as both an inspiration and a warning to all fashion bloggers out there. Bryanboy has written a success story out of casual blogging and made a living out of it. His story shows that blogging can be taken up professionally and can provide healthy returns if done right. This should encourage bloggers out there to do better, offer more engaging, more original content, and take pride in what they do.

That being said, however, not everyone who signs up for a Blogspot can have a success story. Not everyone can expect to make that much from blogging and not everyone will. All in all, this is quite a confusing revelation for anyone who writes about fashion in their own little corner on the worldwide web. Do you strive to do better or do you just drop it, seeing as there’s a fat chance it’s never going to make you a dirham?

Well, if you’re doing it for the love of fashion, then who cares about the money?

Photo courtesy of Bryanboy

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