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Blake Lively to star in Chanel handbag campaign

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It looks like celebrities should all be lining up for a starring role on Gossip Girl. Just over a month following Leighton Meester’s gig as the face of Vera Wang’s fragrance, Blake Lively, not to be outdone, shows she’s the Queen Bee of Gossip Girl-ville with a new gig as one of Chanel’s brand ambassadors.

Blake is set to appear in a forthcoming advertising campaign for Chanel’s purses, having just been in Paris to shoot the material. With three American Vogue covers under her belt, the Gossip Girl star has been one of Anna Wintour’s fashion darlings and well, you know how that boosts someone’s career (Thakoon, anyone?).

We don’t want to investigate the reasons behind it all, but apparently not everyone is amused with Blake’s appointment, so we think it’s smart to ask a few questions about this issue.

Is Chanel now trying to appeal to a younger market? Is Anna truly obsessed with Blake? Did Chanel eventually pick her up because she’s been namedropping the brand for the past three years? What kind of fashion clout does Blake Lively really have? Should acting ability, which Blake doesn’t seem to have much, be one of the factors that determine whether a celeb deserves a high-profile campaign or not?

On a different note, we’d like to point out that the Gossip Girl cast has been snagging ad campaigns one by one. In addition to Blake and Leighton’s recent career moves, Taylor Momsen has been named the face of Madonna’s Material Girl while Ed Westwick has done some work with American footwear brand K-Swiss (we know!) in the past.

That’s four lucrative advertising contracts out of six main characters on the show. Is Gossip Girl the new Pretty Woman? On a few levels it is, on some, not so much.