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Beauty Adventures: Ultimate Facial by Natura Bissé

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Long before we started the Beauty Adventures here on La Moda, we already have been privileged to review a number of spa treatments around the country. Pardon us for disclosing this unnecessary statement, we must tell you such because you must know how serious we are when we say that our recent facial experience in The Spa at The Address Downtown Dubai is one of the best we’ve ever had.

With the breathtaking view of the majestic Burj Khalifa neighbourhood and the finest treatment results of the facial using Natura Bissé products, we’re taken aback, swept upon our feet then deeply fell in love with the spa and the facial.

Did we get you quite intrigued about this love affair? Well, read on as we recount our fantastic time for the Ultimate Facial by Natura Bissé in The Spa at The Address Downton Dubai.

The promise

According to the primer that we received regarding the treatments, “guests at The Address Hotels+Resorts can now discover a peaceful place of supreme relaxation and rejuvenation, with an array of world class facial and body treatments from Natura Bissé, the luxury skincare brand from Barcelona Spain”.

We opted for the Ultimate Facial which in their words is ultimate in luxury and “provides the latest in skin care technology, combined with targeted massages to send your senses on a splendid journey. The ultimate facial will provide your skin with an immediate and genuine cosmetic lift”.

The spa

A whiff of delicate lavender greeted us as we stepped out of the lift and into the hotel’s Level 13. Following this lovely fragrance like Hansel and Gretel, we then ended finding the friendly staff of The Spa at The Address who immediately welcomed us with the delighful cucumber and mint drink and cold towel. After filling out some forms, we were set for our treatment, and ushered onto the treatment area.

Yet before getting into the room, we lost our words as we passed by the relaxation area . The picturesque vision of Burj Khalifa surrounded by the spectacular man-made lagoon and the dramatic array of skyscrapersmade our hearts beat fast, and remained speechless for a few seconds. Imagine this beautifully manicured sight that beset us, we felt enclosed in a tranquil haven, separated only by mirror windows and levels of storeys from the bustling city.

We only snapped from the scenic trance when our lovely therapist, Sri, approached us and asked us to change clothes in order to begin the treatment.

The treatment

Once ready, we joined Sri inside the clean, spacious treatment room that was dimly lit and wrapped in soothing music and relaxing aroma. After the initial consultation and briefing from Sri, we lay down the table and began to experience the amazing 90-minute facial. With hot compress placed to our eyes and back, Sri politely asked us for short breathing exercise to calm our bodies and balance our energy.

Our senses on the ready, Sri carried on to prepare the skin for the treatment and cleansed the face so as to remove the make-up, then analyzed the skin so as to know the appropriate types of  Natura Bissé products to use.

Then, the three-step facial began with the Glyco 3 Peel Exfoliation which is considered as the “most advanced and safe exfoliation that has a boosting and lifting effect using the chemical, enzymatic and mechanical ways”. Sri warned that it could get hot and tingling, but we forgot this sensation when she began massaging our face, arms and hands while waiting for the exfoliant to do its job.

Whilst Sri continued on exercising shiatsu on our faces, arms, shoulders and back, we actually dozed off, and only woke up when she started putting on top of Glyco Peel 3 the Carbonate Powder to our faces. She kept on creating gentle, circular motions of facial massage for another ten minutes. This was the second step in the process.

The last step was the application of Botanical Activator which would activate all the properties involved in the first two steps. Finally, Sri closed off the facial treatment with Cryo-Lifting Mask for about twenty minutes, and a back/shoulder massage using the fragrant  Diamond Experience Lavender Neuro-Aroma.

The verdict

Lounging at The Spa at The Address Downtown Dubai is not nice – it is way more than nice. The experience was fantastic, no doubt. It was love at first sight with this spa; it charmed us from the moment we set afoot and the time we were lingering for tea over the scenic view.

With the facial treatment featuring Nature Bissé products, we were simply elated. The result was quite dramatic, we could not believe it. The promise of luminous and radiant effect on the skin was certainly met. It made us feel glowing and refreshed for days, even paving the way for other people to notice our beautiful skin.

Needless to say, we strongly recommend this facial treatment. You must try it, for pampering yourself for special occasion, for rejuvenating yourself from stressful occasion or for finding a great facial treatment to beautify you. As for us, we had tried Ultimate Facial – apparently had a wonderful time – and we promised ourselves to indulge in it again. After all, we knew we deserve it.

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