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Beauty Adventures: Body slimming the Clessidra way

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If you fret that all the Christmas parties you attended have made you add unwanted pounds, therefore ruining your chances rocking a sultry LBD on New Year’s Eve, then read this article carefully. We’re about to share with you one of the fastest ways of firming your body, you won’t need Spanx at all.

We recently adhered to our adventurous selves and gone to Clessidra Med Spa located in Dubai Healthcare City, and discovered VIP Body Sculpting. It was not the easiest nor the most convenient way of getting the six-pack, we admit, but we’re so surprised at the dramatic results it gave us. We just could not get hold how our tummies looked much tighter and firmer after the treatment.

The promise

VIP Body Sculpting is a rapid slimming and body reshaping treatment is an essential start to any regime. It involves intense sessions of fat manipulation, muscle firming, and lymphatic drainage attack and breakdown fat cells to assist in the elimination through the lymphatic system, giving excellent reshaping results in minimal time frames. The treatment is perused on stomach and waist, breasts, upper arms, back and buttocks, upper thighs plus inner and outer and lower legs. It is usually recommended for a client to finish ten sessions to witness the full effect.

The spa

If you’ve been to any building at the Dubai Healthcare City then you won’t get lost trying to finding the centre. But if you’re new, you’re going to need to be very attentive as the buildings there are quite confusing especially for first timers.

Despite this geographical challenge, when we got to Clessidra, we found an orderly and neat beauty clinic that’s both inviting and relaxing. The staff were very friendly and accommodating that we felt sincerely welcomed.

As we went around and saw the facilities in this beauty clinic, we observed that Clessidra was equipped with state-of-the-art machines that allowed them fulfill their mission to to develop, for each one of our clients, better health and well-being as well as strong confidence in her/his body.

The treatment

Before we proceeded to the treatment room, we had done the initial filling out of application forms and consultation. We were asked about our diet and lifestyle that we essentially reflected upon them during such a quick chat.

With the results of our Body Composition Analysis (BCA), our lovely consultant shared with us a preview of what to or not to do in our daily diet. Since BCA said that it’s water that we lack then we should focus on ensuring to drink eight glasses of water – make sure that the water we drink should have less sodium. (Tip: Check the ingredients in your bottled water, and you’ll find the sodium content. It should be less than ten, but the lesser it goes the better. In Dubai, Arwa has the least sodium content.)

We were also told that eating five meals in a day should be rigidly followed. We’d need to eat two light snacks, hearty breakfast, power lunch and light dinner. And, most importantly, there’s no need to starve. (Starving only slows metabolism, and heightens stored fat.) She also informed us that we should also try exercising – even a half hour walk after waking up in the morning would be enough to energize the body for the whole day.

After seriously noting these relevant consultation, we carried on to the treatment room and met with our highly-trained therapist. She explained to us the process, and then politely left while we’re changing. Once on top of the table, we began to be quite concerned about the wires that she was connecting to the body sculpting machine. However, she managed to notice our hesitation, and made us totally relieved by sharing with us success stories about this non-evasive treatment.

The first part of the body sculpting process was about muscle firming and fat manipulation. It was quite intense since this was the first time that we tried machine-induced session. Good enough, our therapist was guiding us all throughout, asking us of any inconvenience. Once we’re quite used to the energies coming like bolts of electricity, our therapist left us as we went on getting shocked by the electric waves whilst watching Bart Simpson goofed around in the television.

When she came back, she then explained that next part would be about eliminating the fat cells from the lymphatic system. Although it was technical to comprehend, we realised that the process was for easier and faster reshaping results. So, after checking our condition and massaging our body, she then put on us the wires for this lymphatic drainage. Unlike the jolts we felt during the first step, this process was bit sharp if compared.

In fifteen minutes, our therapist came back to close up the session. She asked us how we felt, gave us tips and shared with us success stories of past clients (without naming names of course).

The result

To be honest, we found the treatment quite rigorous for our taste. It was not the most enjoyable sessions we’ve had, yet we could not deny the effective results the scientifically proven methods of the VIP Body Sculpting treatment employed by Clessidra. We were surprised that after only one session, we could actually feel our tighter muscles in the stomach – just imagine if we’ve done the recommended ten sessions, we’d beat the Jennifer Lopez’s super toned abs.

Also, the overall orderly aura of the beauty centre managed to balance the presence of high-tech machines around. It definitely spoke to us like a fully integrated professional beauty clinic for the perfect body and mind state.

Plus, our notable consultation with the Clessidra specialist had helped us become more aware of our diet and lifestyle. From that point, we could tell you how we had been conscious of how eat, drink and exercise. It was indeed a helpful and essential part of our session, we’d say.

Clessidra Med Spa’s body sculpting treatment was definitely a different beauty adventure. It was fresh, effective and quite challenging all at the same time. We’d recommend it to those who couldn’t find time to hit the gym, and to those who are willing to go on a rigid 60-minute beauty session. As the old adage goes, “No pain, no gain.” And, we add, “The vain knows no pain.”

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