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4 worst dressed celebrities this week

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We always wonder why the most well-known celebrities sometimes end up in worst-dressed lists by different magazines. They have all the means to hire top-calibre stylists, and all the right reasons to do so (after all, this is an image-based industry).

But they still commit the most rudimentary fashion miscalculations that we sometimes ask ourselves, are they doing this on purpose? Just another way to get some face time on fashion and gossip magazines? Oh well, they got our attention. Here are the four worst-dressed celebrities we found strutting about in Hollywood. We compile this weekly list so you, dear reader, can learn from their mistakes.

Uma Thurman’s country housewife phase

We don’t even know where to begin with Uma’s outfit. The dress, the coat, the shoes, the hair, the stockings – they’re all wrong. The pieces won’t look good worn alone and obviously not when worn together either. We love Uma but this is just a crime against herself. And our eyeballs.

Any present or former Louis Vuitton girl shouldn’t never look like an 18th century Welsh housewife. Nothing against them, but it’s just not a good look.

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