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Style tips: How to wear the gold trend

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Whoever said gold – that sparkley, sickly tinge of yellow – was reserved for jewellery? Since the A/W 2010 shows in February, we’ve been bombarded with messages saying otherwise. From DvF to Alexander McQueen to Balmain, top designers have picked the colour of the festive season, and we’ve got tips on how to wear it.

1.) Gold is at its finest when used in ornamental fashion. Pass on the all gold gown and settle for a dress in a neutral colour, such as ivory, black or taupe, that is adorned with elements of gold. You don’t wanna look like you were ejected from a gold-dispensing ATM machine at the Emirates Palace.

2.) If you’re wearing something decorated with gold highlights, skip the Midas’ touch accessories so you don’t go over the top. Much like minimalistic outfits call for chunky metallic accessories, an aureate ensemble requires a restrained approach to accessorising.

Putting on simple black cuffs, for example, can help take away from the distracting shininess of your core outfit.

3.) Gold needs different sets of colours to be matched with, depending on the season. In the Fall and Winter, gold works better with darker shades like black and burgundy.

In the Spring, brighter neutrals such as peach and cream are more appropriate compliments to gold.

4.) Metallic makeup was all the rage in 2007 and it’s come full circle this season – only this time, it’s less about covering your face in shiny stuff and more about giving your own skin a bright beautiful glow.

The idea now is more “Venus, the golden goddess” and less Star Wars’ C-3PO, so try to work within those guidelines. Thierry Mugler, Clarins and Giorgio Armani are just a few of the top beauty brands whose holiday collections are focused on the gilt trend.

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