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Stunning EZRA at Style Arabia 2010

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While the legendary Grand Ballroom of Waldorf-Astoria on Park Avenue in New York City had become witness to the Spring/Summer 2011 collection of acclaimed international fashion designer Ezra Santos, the stylish people of Dubai – where the couturier is based – were expecting to experience the same fashion high.

The perfect timing came last weekend, at The Westin Hotel during the annual Ahlan Arabic fashion event Style Arabia, when the magnanimous “Afrique de Or” collection by Ezra Santos was shown to an eager crowd.

The ballroom that was initially drowned with noise suddenly came to a silent standstill when the tribal beats began to occupy the background, signaling the start of the show.

Then, as a model wrapped in an African mask strutted on the catwalk, the fabulous hint of Ezra’s signature couture enveloped the whole hall. From that point on, we, along with the stunned audience, held our breath as models donning feminine and luxurious creations made their way down the runway.

Taking inspiration from the African Goddess Nubian Princess and the Massai tribe in Africa, Ezra’s masterful tailoring put forward a display of elegance and creativity to the cultural aspirations. The use of palettes such as nude, white, gold and black assures class and sophistication that are actually inherent to the Manila-born fashion stalwart.

Long and short gowns in tulle, satin and graciously luxe fabrics, detailed with passionate beadwork, glittering Swarovski crystals, lush sums of feathers and the flattering array of pearls, speak only of love for sartorial decadence. The bridal gowns were items of sheer envy, allowing each woman in the audience to dream of the biggest day of her life, wearing the most luscious ivory crystal-crusted long-tailed gown and thanking Ezra for such a heavenly gift.

Aside from the elaborate show of good taste and refined style in his amazing collection, there were two elements that provided burst of surprise during the entire show. The daring butterfly sleeves – an iconic  statement that has become synonymous to former First Lady Imelda Marcos – reinstated back into fashion by Ezra’s collection earlier this year, were again evident on the runway with a more gloriously revolutionary take.

The prominent butterfly sleeves may be an attempt to create a style statement but knowing Ezra’s modest persona, they must be an act towards a lingering insight of rebirth of an incredible imagery of the days of the flamboyant past.

Click here to view the full gallery from Ezra’s show at Style Arabia 2010

And of course, how could we forget the men that brisked through the catwalk like summer breeze? Wearing nothing but soft fabrics, layered and draped with care and passion, the cool, edgy and beautiful presentation of menswear provided not only an exhilarating surprise but a good amount of idea towards Ezra’s possible creation of a menswear line. But as he told us after the show, the men [and their clothes] were simply there to provide a breath of entertainment. But of course, if one would express interest then they won’t be denied.

True enough, Ezra’s show was a breathtaking glimpse of a magnificent array of masterpieces. The applause, the commendations, the jaws that dropped each time a piece went on the runway, were plausible indications that the collection that astonished New York in September was hotly welcomed and embraced by Dubai’s discerning fashion pack. Indeed, it was a night to remember, the night that Ezra Santos captured the style of Arabia.


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