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Mia Jafari: New meaning to wearing scarves

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Sure, you wear a scarf around your neck for both fashion and function – that’s the normal convention. Sometimes you also wrap it around the handles of a prized handbag, perhaps because you thought owning an Hermes Kelly isn’t decadent enough.

You may have even seen it worn like a halter top, if you’ve ever had the misfortune of coming into contact with a failed fashionista. The point is, the scarf has been worn in a lot of ways, some of which represent a malevolent attack against the commonly acknowledged fundamentals of style. It’s been stretched so far beyond its original designation as a pretty accessory that maybe one designer thought the madness had to stop. A scarf is neither a top nor a dresses and proper clothing must be worn, after all.

Meet Mia Jafari. A Central St. Martins and Goldsmiths graduate, Mia broke into the design world this Fall with the launch of Ladybirds ♥ Strawberry Cosmos, a collection of seductively playful, hand-finished limited edition silk scarves.

Fine, another scarf maker. What’s new, you ask? Well, scarves aren’t the new thing we’re touting here.

We’re excited about Mia’s dresses, actually.

You see, Mia also released a collection of silk dresses printed in the same manner, and with the same elements, that she uses when creating her digi-broidered mufflers. And what’s the issue that’s being addressed here? The I’m-going-to-wear-my-scarf-as-a-top-or-as-some-kind-of-flimsy-wrap-skirt issue, that’s what. Now everyone who wants the lively prints generally reserved for scarves, but can’t break the bank on a Pucci number, won’t have to make up their own way of wearing them. Problem solved, at least for us.

Printed frocks too busy for you? Then go for Mia Jafari’s scarves. At about AED 550 a pop, it’s a steal. Not convinced? Put it next to one by Hermes and it’ll appear to be. Head on over to s*uce in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Crème in Bahrain, or to snap one up. It’s limited edition, so you better hurry.