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Meet Louis Vuitton’s Monogram Empreinte

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It has been weeks since we stopped by the unveiling of the latest Louis Vuitton collections but we can still vividly remember the exquisite items that welcomed us. The bags, shoes, dresses, belts, even notebooks – they were all so intricately divine.

While the members of the Paris office guided us through the private presentation, we tried hard not to show our excitement yet our tactless quips of “wow” and “awesome”, coupled with affirmative nods and curious questions, just gave away our feelings of appreciation, making us look like children stepping into the Chocolate Factory.

Needless to say, we absolutely adored the whole galore but there were two Louis Vuitton collections that mainly struck us: the new Monogram Empreinte leather line and Cruise 2011. As we went through these two collections, we could not decide whether it brought us into a trance or just dug us into deeper level of stun. And since elaborating on these collections would entail two parts, please allow us to introduce first the subtle signature, enduring style, and unforgettable impression of Monogram Empreinte.

Knowing that Louis Vuitton has been providing fashionistas “it” bags since 1892, it wouldn’t come as a surprise that they had perfected crafting dazzling designs from the most noble of materials. This time, the house created the iconic Monogram pattern subtly embossed on calf leather, a discreet yet indelible imprint of Louis Vuitton’s heritage and savoir-faire. So delicate is the impression made by the Monogram that it naturally enhances the leather’s finely textured grain and soft, sensual feel.

On display during the presentation were alluring pieces in Monogram Empreinte that included two totes, the bohemian Artsy, a bowling bag and a clutch, complemented by a wallet and coin purse. Their pared-down, functional forms are at once classic and contemporary, young in spirit yet chic at any age.

Aside from its balanced street appeal of bold zippers and metallic hardware which are quiet reminders of Louis Vuitton’s tradition of craftsmanship – flawless saddle stitching, tonal edge dying, a myriad ingenious details waiting to be discovered – the collection was elegantly restrained, endlessly versatile with the colours that effortlessly adapt to everyday wear. There were shades of navy so dark it they were almost black, a sophisticated hue taupe, a rich tone of blue, and a deep chroma of burgundy. Each is luxurious yet laid-back, low-profile yet distinctive.

We knew right there, while cradling in our arms the boho in Monogram Empreinte, that the waiting list for pieces in this line would be quite long. So, better call or visit the Louis Vuitton shops and ask for the en vogue pieces – check out our Stockist page for the phone digits. Trust that with a good deal of luck, you’d get it sooner than every one does!

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