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Lanvin pour H&M: Editor’s picks

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There’s been much speculation about H&M’s latest designer collaboration. It started with the suspenseful “Who’s it going to be? I bet it’s JPG!” and moved on to the curious “I wonder what the pieces are going to look like.” Now, it’s the anxious “Oh my god, what’s the price range? I hope it’s not too expensive.”

Given that the first two questions have been answered by countless fashion blogs which have been quick on their blogging feet to publish the latest H&M news, we’re here to tackle your anxiety about the third, and probably the most important factor when it comes to fashion purchases: the price range. It’s H&M so it’s quite expected by the Swedish retailer’s followers for the pieces to be somewhat affordable.

Well, you know what? They are. Affordable is, of course, subjective, but we think the vast majority of Dubai’s shoppers will find the Lanvin pour H&M collection pleasantly attainable. This is a place where Birkins are as rare as Carrefour plastic bags, so coughing up for sub-AED 1,000 dresses won’t be that much of a problem. Here are our top picks.

The Lanvin pour H&M collection will hit the shelves at North American stores on November 20, and rest of the world on November 23. Get ready to queue up!