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Do you want to look like a Venomous Villain?

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Whenever we watch or read anything that remotely resembles a story, this is what we do: identify with the villains and vilify the protagonists. Antiheroes always tend to be more complex, more interesting, and therefore more relatable. And it’s fun to let our own dark side surface once in a while.

Villains are always portrayed as intelligent, sophisticated femmes fatales, doing everything in their calculating, manipulative power to overcome the beautiful heroine, who by the way just manages to thwart the enemy’s meticulously-planned advances through a lucky break in end. And for those amazing qualities, one couldn’t help rooting for the antagonist instead of the weepy, whiny blonde girl whose worst problem is waiting for Prince Charming’s kiss while caught up in a deep, oblivious slumber.

But despite our fascination with darkly elegant malefactors, we were kind of surprised when we heard that MAC had just released Venomous Villains, a makeup collection which pays tribute to the evil Disney cartoon characters everyone grew up hating (except a few people, like us). The villains deserve more recognition than they get, sure, but shouldn’t the Snow Whites and the Sleeping Beauties of the world get the limited edition makeup range instead?

They’re the innocent, lovable princesses that kids want to see triumph over the likes of Cruella de Vil and the Evil Queen, after all. And who would want to look like Maleficent? Her face has that distinct tinge of corpse green, her purple eyeshadow looks more like face paint than makeup, and her hair is tucked up into a neat pair of horns, as though channeling a demented Marge Simpson.

But maybe the range has the potential to make MAC’s fans happy. Besides, there’s no indication that MAC is selling Maleficent-hued foundation. We spoke to a couple of the region’s top fashion and beauty bloggers for their thoughts on the new line and here’s what they said.

I love MAC’s collaborations. They’re always so creative! I haven’t actually seen the collection yet but I think it would be adorable to have your childhood cartoon on a lipstick, not necessary look like them. Vamp lips are huge this season as Proenza Schouler proved, so yes I will be rocking the collection!

Tala Samman,

I personally love the concept of it because it brings out the kid in me in a different way. If I was younger, I would have loved a princess concept more but older me loves that fact that with this concept, I can bring the devilish of me which is fun.

I haven’t gotten a chance to look at the colors up close but what I noticed from the pictures and characters is that they choose different villains that are very diverse to represent the different colors of women and enabling them to relate to one of the bad girls.

I would love to wear their blushes and lip color. They look bright, but very wearable.

Rana El Sakhawy,

Meanwhile, this is what Huda Kattan of fame thought of Venomous Villains in a previous blog post:

Okay, I am going to be completely honest, sometimes I really don’t care for the collections that MAC releases. This one, however, is insanely hot! Not only is it adorably chic and a collectors item, but the colours are amazing as well! MAC did an kickass job designing this collection! I think I might buy every piece!

Huda Kattan,

Well, it looks like it’s going to be a hit. What do you think? Fancy a villain look one of these days?