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Beauty Adventures: Facial care by Dr. Dennis Gross

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Whenever there is an intriguing beauty treatment that comes to our attention, we simply could not resist the temptation to try its veracity. That’s why we did not think twice to give in to our subconscious calling when we received an invite that went like this:

“Immediately improve the density, texture and tone of skin with a synergistic blend of alpha and beta hydroxy acids which lead to a clear, glowing and purely radiant complexion! This non-irritating, gently exfoliating formula is Hollywood’s secret to diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, visibly reducing pore size, preventing future breakouts and perfecting skin tone.”

So, off we went to the Manchester Clinic Med Spa located on Jumeirah Beach Road to endeavour the Custom Booster Facial, a treatment that promises such wonders from the skin care line by Dr. Dennis Gross, a renowned dermatologist and dermatological surgeon in New York.

Getting into the spa clinic was quite tricky but the staff was very helpful in providing instructions. Once inside the Manchester Clinic Med Spa, we could not help but admire how the supposedly residential villa was transformed into a serene and chic beauty centre.

Apparently, Manchester Clinic Med Spa just opened last summer as an extension of Manchester Clinic, and was still undergoing refurbishments (we’d definitely want to see the finished interiors because the initial decorations were already great).

Consulting with the therapist

There was a preliminary consultation before Sandra, the pretty and lovely skin therapist, began the fifty-minute facial session.