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Beauty Adventures: Shaping up with Marie France Bodyline

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Working a hectic lifestyle is no excuse for compromising a fitness regime. However, if you have a calendar that will put to shame a real life social butterfly, it is quite forgivable why you won’t have the energy to swing by the gym or even run by the beach.

And since we can relate to how exhausting it is to have a busy schedule, we try to sort other means by which we can stay slim and fit. One of the things we’ve tried a couple of weeks ago was the latest offer from Marie France Bodyline.

The renowned slimming centre has a program called CLS Body System that promises to be an innovative programme that allows reduction of fatty deposits, an enhanced silhouette and total body rejuvenation. While these words slowly registered to our minds, as we’re imagining our svelte figures rocking the classic LBD, we decided to mark our calendars for an hour session and drive off to Al Wasl Road.

Prepping up

Before the whole therapy began, we were warmly welcomed for a quick consultation and short orientation about the programme. Apparently, CLS Body System involves two approaches: (1) the Derma-Vascular Focus that uses suction power to stimulate the lymphatic system, facilitate detoxification of waste products and improve blood circulation to reduce cellulite, and (2) the Thermo-Ray Therapy that uses infra-red rays to deeply penetrate and stimulate metabolism and blood circulation.

Lying on the table

Although the brief knowledge gave us a better understanding of the programme, there was nothing more helpful than being on the table and experiencing it first hand. As Panchang, our lovely therapist, made us feel at ease while she was fixing the state-of-the-art equipment to be used, we tried to forget the potential discomfort that those pieces of technology might cause us and instead focused on how shapely our tummy and front thighs will appear afterwards.

After a few moments whereby the specific suction rollers were mobilized to sculpt and contour our silhouette, we cannot believe how comforting (even ticklish) the process was. There was nothing uneasy at all, though we appreciated the warning of a possibility. We’ve been told after the session that the continuous movement of the suction heads actually allows the skin folds to be rolled to produce a “palpating and rolling” massage, and that the push-pull manipulation is utilised to breakdown fleshy deposits and cellullite by re-vascularising fat cells.

After around twenty minutes of the initial treatment, Panchang moved on to conduct the Infra-red therapy. This part of the session was quite soothing as the warmth of the infrared rays induces a sense of well-being and relaxation. It was a pure pleasurable experience that infuses warm rays that deeply penetrates into the entire muscle tissues, thereby stimulating metabolism and blood circulation. It not only melts away the fatty tissues but also all of our stress and tension.

And when we thought the session was over, we were treated for hand wax, upper back and head massage, plus an Intense Fat Burner Wrap. The latter put our tummy and thighs to be enveloped, for another fifteen minutes, with plastic folds that we believed will further add to the slender contour that we’re aiming.

Checking out from the session

While we’re dressing up after the therapy, we were wondering what would have been if we continue on doing it for another five or six sessions. With just an hour spared from our busy calendars, we  didn’t see dramatic changes but we certainly felt firming of our thighs and tummies.

More importantly, we felt relaxed and more confident after the treatment. Yes, it will be hard to tell if we turned into a “bodylicious” figure from one session but we can say that the CLS Body System has the trick to providing a rejuvenating and relaxing treatment. And the technology behind it does really aid in fat burning, detoxification and reducing stress and tension.

We know that we will need to squeeze into our busy calendars the succeeding sessions of CLS Body System to perfect a sculptured silhouette, but looking at its effect the first time we tried it, we believe that the time and effort will be all worth it.

Not to mention that it is actually budget friendly – Marie France Bodyline has an ongoing promotion until the end of November wherein customers can enjoy one CLS Body System and one Intense Fat Burner Wrap for only AED 450, which normally costs AED 950. So, don’t be amazed if you find that our planners are now filled with red marks for Marie France Bodyline sessions. Who wouldn’t want one, right?

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