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Beauty Adventures: Clarins Facial at The Spa Atlantis

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There are different factors that we consider before we go on our regular beauty adventure. First, we have to make sure that the treatment is quirky enough to meet the essence of it being an “adventure”. Second, it has to be something new in the market, because we like to pretend we’re important.

And finally, the treatment should actually make us shriek in excitement.

The latter reason may perhaps be the ground that we stood upon when we accepted our latest escapade, but could you blame us? Who wouldn’t be happy to get the opportunity to try the Clarins facial treatment at The Spa at the Atlantis Hotel? Those were two luxuriously delightful brands – Clarins and Atlantis – so we didn’t really have any legitimate excuse to deny ourselves of the challenge that would undoubtedly turn out to be one remarkable day.

Getting into The Spa

Stepping into the awe-inspiring architectural landmark, and while marveling at the magnificent lobby of the Atlantis, we could not help but feel the heightened interest in our senses as we walked to the path of the Royal Towers where the two-storey spa is at.

As we entered the haven of serenity, warm welcome from the staff embraced us, and led us promptly to the lounge where we had to fill out forms for review during consultation. Afterwards, we met our lovely therapist Florence who guided us to the pampering area where we’d spend fifty minutes in an amazing beauty session.

As we lay on our back on the pristine white massage bed, soothing music lingered over the background and a relaxing aroma filled the air, we quickly made an initial judgment – we did not regret marking it as the “Clarins at Atlantis” day on our calendar.

At that moment, Florence, who was busy assessing our face, voiced out in a refined manner that our skin was normal, that it appeared to be taken care of, and that she’d recommend a Hydrating Facial. Of course, we adhered to the suggestion because we knew exactly that we needed some extra boost to our dry skin. Especially this season, when flaky bits of dry skin all over the face are all the rage in personal grooming.

Experiencing the Clarins Facial

Before she started with the facial, Florence did gentle stretching and massages towards legs and arms in order to calm the whole body.

Soon after, she began the treatment with cleansing the face using Clarins’ Extra-Comfort Cleansing Cream that actually lifts makeup and impurities gently, leaving skin supple and soothed. She then followed it with the Toning Lotion for Dry Skin, an ultra-gentle lotion that tones and clarifies the complexion.

To add in rescuing our dehydrated facial skin, she then used the Clarins Hydra Quench Intensive Serum with the Double Serum Generation 6, an anti-ageing serum that stimulates healthy-looking skin. Then, Florence applied the award-winning moisturizer Hydra Quench Cream through facial massage motions.

The session carried on as she began the application of the Hydra Quench Mask that was left on the face for about fifteen minutes. And while the mask worked on fully restoring moisture to our face, Florence continued the session by giving us a totally relaxing foot, hand, back and head massage. It was a wonderful bonus to an already magnificent treatment. After cleaning off the mask, she then used the Clarins Gentle Day Cream for excellent final touch.

Realising the treatment

Our splendid time did not stop after the wondrous hour as we had the chance to lounge at the private relaxation area, sip a glass of exquisite tea, and reflect on the special experience in such an extraordinary sanctuary.

Indeed, it was a day of feeling beautiful and utterly indulged – no question about that. But, did it really change our skin? Yes, it helped in boosting the moisture and replenishing the hydration, of course. Would any one recognize the change? Some might see the glow, but others (to be honest) would not even bother saying a thing. Would the glow last for days? It would especially with the proper skin care and diet, and continuous treatments.

And while we’re about to finish the tea, we closed off with the thought: would we recommend it? Even though a session could not make the skin look milky flawless, taking one fine day off to a Clarins facial treatment in The Spa at Atlantis equates to the exceptional familiarity that exposes us to something that is both posh and serene, while being treated with precise care and essential products. So, certainly, the answer is highly yes.

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