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Jawaher celebrates Arabian Beauty with Swarovski Elements

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Here’s something for our readers based in or who’ll be in London in the coming weeks. Swarovski Elements is currently showcasing Jawaher, a special collection that celebrates the glamour of today’s Arabian woman for a limited time at the Swarovski CRYSTALLIZED™ concept store and lounge in London.

Launched in Dubai in May 2010, Jawaher is a glammed up range of crystal-peppered modern traditional clothes worn on occasions of festivity. The collection communicates the intrinsic qualities of the modern woman from the Middle East and speaks to the contemporary fashion connoisseur in the region. The pieces have been created by designers using crystal as a creative material to show a light fuelled allure. The designers’ vision offers new traditions for tomorrow adding sparkle to Arabian living for today.

Jawaher highlights the fashion connoisseur in the Middle East with pieces that have been created by world-renowned designers using crystal as a creative material to show a light fuelled allure. The designers, including Allessanra Rich, Sohad Acouri, Zaid Anton and more, have all sought out to create items to reflect the kind of glamorous lifestyle we all aspire to have, while still keeping with Middle Eastern tradition.

The collection is now on public display at the Swarovski CRYSTALLIZED™ lounge in the English capital, so if you missed the unveiling of Jawaher in Dubai, it might be a good idea to catch the show in London. You better hurry, though, because the exhibit will only be available until November 1. Here’s the address: 24 Great Marlborough St. London W1F 7HU.

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