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Fortnight of Fashion 2010 in pictures

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We thought this year’s Fortnight of Fashion was going to be a lackluster event (we based our assumption on the schedule being promoted on the Bazaar website), but apparently we were mistaken. It was a crazy lineup, and if we attended all of the events we’d be blogging from Rashid hospital right now, getting our fashion fatigue sorted out.

The highly eventful fortnight offered something for everyone, from the Topshop recessonista to the most sophisticated socialite in the UAE. We bring you some photos we snapped during two of the Fortnight’s top events (aside from the Symphony Style opening party, which was really in a league of its own) – the Banana Republic show held on the Fashion Catwalk at the Dubai Mall, and the VIP exhibit of Dolce & Gabbana’s historic bustiers held at the Italian label’s boutique on Fashion Avenue.

Banana Republic catwalk show (
full gallery here)        Dolce & Gabbana bustier exhibit (full gallery here)

All photographs by Alex Callueng

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