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Fashion Treasures: Bags by Luci’deMila

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We always have our sartorial radars set to go off whenever we find something worth our and our readers’ attention. Determining whether it’s worth sharing them with you is dependent on a highly structured rating system, comprised by a myriad of aspects including beauty, opulence, and appropriateness for the local market.

Luci’deMila, a Cape Town-based luxury brand, has set off our inner fashion alarms with a range of exquisite, yet subtle, clutches and bags made from the most coveted skins in the world of fashion: ostrich, crocodile, python and lizard. As more and more people begin focusing on understated elegance, the demand is ever increasing for markers of status that are virtually undecipherable by common folk.  We are happy to report that these luxury goods fit the bill.

Luci’deMila bags are hand crafted at the tip of the African continent, in the beautiful city of Cape Town, by a small family run business, “Cape Cobra”, with a long tradition in the leather trade. Founded in South Africa in 1972, Cape Cobra’s manufacturing business has developed particular expertise in the highly specialised art of handcrafted exotic leather goods.

“Fed up with the sameness and ubiquity of global brands and the hysteria around the seasonal ‘must-haves’, I wanted to create a lucid, perfectly timeless luxury bag where the focus is on quality, craftsmanship, functional design and provenance”, says Lucy Bosscher, founder of Luci’deMila. “In the fast world of fashion, where almost everything is produced by machines and economies of scale, I longed for products that carry the warmth of human hands, in other words, made by economy of soul,” she added.

All skins are sourced locally in South Africa and are obtained under rigid international CITES regulations (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) from either farmed or ranged animals. Each bag has a CITES certificate to ensure that no skins of endangered species have been used. Perhaps that’s not enough to get PETA activists off their backs, but there’s just no pleasing those people, is there?

Now, if you’re wondering about availability – you’re going to have to fly out to get your Louboutin-manicured hands (yes, they do exist) on these juicy pieces. The collection is available in Cape Town and Istanbul at exclusive showrooms by appointment only. Get in touch with Lucy Bosscher at to find out how you can acquire your very own Luci’deMila purse.

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