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DFW Hot Pick: Amato Couture by Furne One

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“I’m the queen!” were the words that Furne One  first uttered in order to describe his collection during the post-show press conference that we attended at the recently concluded Dubai Fashion Week. These three words summed up the title of his well-loved, highly applauded fashion show on the last night of DFW S/S 2011.

Furne, who appeared more confident and calm in front of media, continued explaining his inspiration behind the collection by saying that “every girl’s dream is to become a queen.”

Judging by the lavish pouring of praises, Furne was successful in making one child’s dream come true – from the magnificent pieces of high fashion to the exceptionally choreographed production, the presentation of Amato Couture by Furne One apparently marked as one (if not the one) of the most spectacular fashion shows all throughout DFW.

We personally would vouch how his show allowed us to forget that we were standing on our heels for twenty minutes straight. Knowing that massive crowd would flock the DFW tent at Atlantis Hotel to watch the Amato show, we readied ourselves to come early to find a decent seat. But seeing how people piled up by the door, we decided to come in last and stand instead. Yet again, as already mentioned, the show was worth it – witnessing the display of each piece of handmade couture, of which the models did justice, was similar to the unfathomable glimpse at creativity and ingenuity.

His apparent innate talent left the audience wondering about the particular creative process of a Furne One – they probably could not marvel how the designer appeared every season with new ideas and still imprint his signature style. Furne’s humble answer was “I put importance to each detail of the show, from concept to collection to choreography, because the dresses would not stand out alone.”

We’d agree that the styling and production helped the dresses became more captivating but we’d oppose that they could not stand alone. The interesting 33-piece collection that, according to Furne, signified strong, fierce and intelligent women, were highly embellished with mixed fabrics such as French laces, linen, tulle and lots of crystals. The special shoe creations, made out of the Philippine wood palo china, did intrigue so many guests that repeated questions were asked about it.

The luxurious materials and artisan’s passion evident in each and every piece, we could say that for the people of class and taste, prices are off topic. But, just for our own curiosity and insistent query, hesitant Furne divulged that the collection a piece would be to the tune of AED 15,000 at least, and that the most expensive would be the bridal piece.

Without doubt, everyone was thankful that Furne brought the ‘queen’ from his fresh stint at London Fashion Week (we already gave you the lowdown on the collection and show last month, remember?) to DFW.

Asked by La Moda what made him decide to do so, the Dubai-based Filipino fashion designer, who was in his signature sweater-clad form and shiny golden locks, told us, “It’s simply because I’m from Dubai, and I love Dubai.” Well, with the show of support and endless cheers, it was obvious that the feeling is mutual – Dubai absolutely adores Furne One’s fantastical imagination in Amato Couture.