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Barocco: Glittery festive beauty by Clarins

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French cosmetics company Clarins has drawn inspiration from the complicated, ethereal beauty of the Baroque for their upcoming makeup collection dubbed Barocco. The new range celebrates this year’s festive season with glitter (tons of it, we should add), mysterious dark eyes, and a sensual shade of rouge that give intensity to pale lips.

Barocco is a collection of four limited edition products, available only for a limited time in the forthcoming months, that honour the contemporary woman’s complexity and uniqueness. Clarins also pulled out all the stops in creating the line’s packaging, lending it a highly luxurious feel that is only appropriate for the kind of intricate flamboyance the Baroque embodies.

Face Palette

An incredibly soft, light compact powder with a scroll motif in pinky-peach on a sandy-beige background. The combination of the two shades is perfect for illuminating the face or adding matte touches to the complexion. It is presented in an exquisite black laquered case with light gold lid and black scroll decoration that slips inside a red velvet purse. Price: AED 230

Shimmering Gold Powder

Inside an elegant black and gold powder box decorated with a scroll, are delicate little nuggets dusted with golden pearl, protected by a beautiful black powder puff. As soon as the box opens, they begin to work their magic. With a sweep of the puff, they release an extremely light, fine powder which alights on the skin, to beautifully enhance it with sparkling reflections as the powder catches the light. Price: AED 190

Eye Colour Trio

A trio of shades designed to dress the eyes in light and shade, to create a “smoky” effect and different looks for both day and night. The ultra-fine, easy-to-apply textures can be combined, layered or blended together to suit your mood, for a flawless make-up result every time.

Create with a wash of bronze to enhance eyes, black to define the eyelids and vibrant, precious gold to catch the light and accentuate the other two shades. This sumptuous trio is presented in an elegant rectangular black case with light gold lid and scroll decoration. Price: AED 180

Rouge Prodige

The purple velvet drapes of the Baroque are the inspiration for the sublime, intense, deep colour of this lipstick. A new shade in the Rouge Prodige range, and a lipstick with a rich formula combining long-hold colour, extreme shine and total comfort. Its elegant light gold tube decorated with a black scroll makes it a beautiful addition to any woman’s purse. Price: AED 107

The collection will hit the shelves at the Clarins Boutique Dubai Mall, Debenhams, Paris Gallery, Faces and all other leading outlets in mid-November.

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