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Spring trends a la David Koma

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Besides the obvious fact that David Koma’s Spring/Summer 2011 line at LFW is one of the most visually provocative collections we’ve seen this season, we’d like to point out a few other things we’ve learned from the Georgian-born, London-based design maven while viewing his latest creations.

Here are a few fashion tidbits that we recommend you pay undivided attention to, because who knows, they might just be the trends to don next Spring.

Accordion ruffles are the new pleats

SS2010’s flush pleats are officially out the window. Next Spring, it’s going to be all about three-dimensional accordion ruffles. They give dimension, volume and life to a seemingly flat skirt and make a simple outfit pop. Have a bunch of boring shirts that you can’t wear with anything anymore? Pair them with one of David Koma’s animated ruffled skirts in deeply contrasting colours.

The peplum is the new belt

A few years ago, big belts the size of combat sport championship belts hit the mainstream, and all was good. However, that trend soon became tired and here we are, ready to welcome a suitable replacement. How about a peplum? Before your lips start forming the words “Say what?”, here’s a quick description: A peplum is a short overskirt usually attached to a fitted jacket, blouse or dress).

Peplums give out an edgy feminine vibe that’s just suitable for the typical Dubai fashionista. What’s not to like about tutu-esque accessories, right? They’re perfect to wear the way you’ve used belts in the past: to accentuate a teensy waist or liven up a plain dress. Exotic leathers also instantly add a touch of luxury that gives a Dragonmart-sourced attire some much needed street cred.

Snake skin is the new stripe

Apparently, using multicoloured threads is no longer the way to go as far as creating a striped effect goes. Nope, that’s the old, and might we say the poor man’s way of working with stripes. Snake skin is the new way to wear stripes, so we’re sending out an SOS to all style connoisseurs out there right here, right now. Ditch the Ralph Lauren rugby dresses immediately lest you be mistaken for a prepster who’s trying too hard to be fashionable.

All photographs by Duilio Marconi

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  1. Ani

    September 29, 2011 at 5:25 pm

    there is amazing skirt i love it.

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