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Paule Ka opens flagship at the Dubai Mall

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Monday night saw a well-dressed bunch of fashionistas march down Fashion Avenue at the Dubai Mall to attend the opening of Paule Ka’s flagship boutique, the Parisian brand’s first ever standalone store in the Middle East.

It’s a 110-square-foot shop, and if that sounds tiny to you already, then imagine cramming at least 50 people in there. Yep, the event was relatively successful and well-attended, considering the space of the venue vis-à-vis the number of people that could actually fit in it. But anyway, the expanse of a retail destination has nothing to do with the quality of the fashion contained within it, so we’re not passing any kind of judgment whatsoever based on the square-footage of the shop. We’re just saying it was, you know, kind of crowded.

Serge Cajfinger, creative director and founder of the Paule Ka label was in attendance to perform the ceremonial ribbon cutting. “I am very excited to be back in Dubai to launch our new boutique. Dubai is such a vibrant and dynamic city and the most natural choice for our first monobrand in the region,” he said. Serge must have found Dubai so vibrant and dynamic that he had to drop by the Saks Fifth Avenue afterparty at Zuma later that evening, because we definitely spotted him there.

Going back to the clothes, the boutique’s racks are filled with a lot of beautiful, and wearable, pieces from Paule Ka’s A/W 2010 collection. Greys, royal blues, and any number of  enchanting hues from the très féminin heliotrope to lilac range dominate the Fall line, which features conservatively feminine (the other end of the womanhood spectrum, and the exact opposite of the I’m-a-foxy-woman-so-look-at-how-much-skin-I-can-show-and-adore-me ideology) designs including reserved and refined Jackie O-inspired frocks.

We were also very much attracted to a few cardigans, those of the variety of which frequent cardigan wearer Anna Wintour would approve, and some printed skirts and a satin-backed crepe and organza dress on one of the mannequins by the store window. We’re definitely going back to pick out a few pieces for friends and family. And of course, borrow a lot for La Moda’s next creative project which is still under wraps.

Check out the store and see Paule Ka’s A/W offerings for yourself. The flagship boutique is located on the first floor of Fashion Avenue at the Dubai Mall, right next to Dean & Deluca and just above the Jimmy Choo on G. We can’t be any clearer than that as far as directions are concerned, but if you need to get in touch with them, give them a call at 04-3253225.

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