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LFW gets nude and bold statements from Furne One’s Amato Couture

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Hailing from the city of gold, Furne One brought forth his fashion house Amato Couture to the land of Harry Potter and Shakespeare. Opening the “A La Mode” shows, the crowd in this LFW event got the opportunity to see the highly embellished and intricately detailed high fashion pieces from the celebrated Dubai-based Filipino designer.

The signature Amato Couture was definitely stamped all throughout the ensembles he presented, paving the way for the audience to understand why the likes of Heidi Klum personally favoured him. His collection spoke of grandeur and tradition, knowing rightly that Furne One has always been an aficionado of olden English era, Elizabethan in this case.

Colours such as nudes and gold were speaking conspicuously all throughout, with crystals, embroidery and laces to accentuate, plus the jaw-dropper horse-shaped and vanilla bonnets worn by models as headpieces, the collection had certainly proven an impalpable imagery of the days when queens, warriors and stable lords were in reign.

To add that, according to our sources from the show, Furne One’s designs consisted of intricately sculpted wood which appeared almost like fragile lace but on closer inspection became tough like classical architectural. The wooden architectural influence carried on right down to the heels of the shoes for which Furne One had created a variety of carved wedge heels featuring chess pieces, equine patterns and goddess-like images.

Our little birdie also told us that from start till the end, the guests at Amato Couture’s show during LFW had only one common comment: “Great things are sure to be seen, look out for him next season!”