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Lanvin x H&M to be unveiled in November

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The suspense is over. News of H&M’s latest designer collaboration is spreading like wildfire all over the Internet as we write this. The fashionable masses can now style themselves with head-to-toe Lanvin as the previously unattainable French brand releases a limited collection at affordable fast fashion prices.

Designed by Lanvin’s artistic director Alber Elbaz, and menswear designer Lucas Ossendrijver, the collection will go on sale on November 23 in around 200 H&M stores worldwide. The collection of both womenswear and menswear will be revealed to the world on November 2, just three weeks before the clothes hit the store, making the launch of Lanvin for H&M among the most anticipated fashion events of the year.

“H&M approached us to collaborate, and see if we could translate the dream we created at Lanvin to a wider audience, not just a dress for less. I have said in the past that I would never do a mass-market collection, but what intrigued me was the idea of H&M going luxury rather than Lanvin going public.

“This has been an exceptional exercise, where two companies at opposite poles can work together because we share the same philosophy of bringing joy and beauty to men and women around the world,” Alber Elbaz, artistic director of Lanvin, commented.

Scratch our previous comment about attainable high street prices. Based on the above statement by Elbaz, we gather that the collection is going to sell for much more than the usual prices we see at H&M, probably even more than those of previous designer collaborations such as Sonia Rykiel, as this is perceived to be a luxurious step-up for the ultra-slick Swedish retailer rather than a diffusion-slash-democratisation of the Lanvin label.

But still, this is a marriage of the masses and the classes, and so a middle ground must be reached. We still anticipate awesome prices compared to the real deal. Perhaps prices similar to the Jimmy Choo for H&M project last year? That wouldn’t be too bad.

Tip for shoppers: Skip Dubai’s saturated retail circuit and go to cities where people aren’t into the whole sport of shopping and bargain hunting; it might be easier to score a few pieces there. I was in Amsterdam around the time the Jimmy Choo collection hit the shelves at H&M and people weren’t really buying. They were curiously browsing, but not going crazy with the buying. And there were no overnight cues, no stampedes, no pulling each other’s hair to get to the racks first.

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