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Jaeger London: Perforated is the new sheer

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Last Spring’s sheer fabric is poised to be replaced by perforations, both micro and macro, if you’re going to base your trend assumptions on Jaeger London’s SS2011 showcase at London Fashion Week. Is the centuries-old British brand’s suggested replacement for Spring 2010’s hot fashion trend a suitable one?

While sheer fabrics exude a certain brand of sexiness which manages to alienate a good chunk of the female population who are less inclined to wear provocative clothing, perforations, on the other hand, have a younger and more daring flavour but surprisingly more generic, and therefore appeal to a significantly larger market than the former. You’d be surprised by how many more women want to look edgy and indie than those who want to be oozing with sex appeal.

Additionally, there are so many more women who don’t want to deal with the complicated, it’s-so-sensitive-it-needs-preferential-treatment care instructions that come free with every purchase of a chiffon top or dress. And of course, men can wear the perforated trend too. When was the last time you saw a guy in a sheer shirt? Contestants at Dancing with the Stars, performers at Disney on Ice, and Bollywood actor John Abraham not included.

All photographs by Duilio Marconi

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