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Futuristic shapes at Todd Lynn

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Here’s another attempt by us to tie up loose ends at London Fashion Week. We know we’re running the risk of getting our lead times as long as traditional magazines, but while everyone’s talking about Gucci, Prada and Gabbana, we want to share with you some treasures we found at the English city’s fashion festivities last week.

We were greeted by a lot of wonderful, futuristic shapes from Todd Lynn’s showcase at LFW, with pieces ranging from dresses to men’s and women’s suits, trimmed with a little snake skin here and there which adds that much-loved touch of bling that the people of Dubai can’t get enough of.

You would think the models were taken right out of Star Trek: The Fashion Generation as most of Lynn’s Spring/Summer collection give out a science fiction uniform vibe while still conforming to the tastes of the style-aware. The pieces are, as with most lines shown at LFW, in muted colours of beige, grey and greyish blue, ornamented with bold metallics and exotic leather to contradict the boring pre-school-slash-piano-teacher reputation of the base hues.

Todd Lynn also experimented with drapery for a couple of asymmetric suits for both men and women, which if you ask us, exudes a lovely androgynous feel without looking too ambiguous. It’s a good amount of toying with the prescribed male and female aesthetics, kind of blurring the line that separates the two, but still managing to define Lynn’s own interpretation of how his man and woman should dress.

What do you think of these suits? A whole new level to business attire? We’d love to see a number of our Dubai fashionistas try to wear these drapey suits to a formal business function.

All photographs by Duilio Marconi