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Exploring The Exclusives by Guerlain

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If you happened to be at Paris Gallery at the Dubai Mall yesterday afternoon, you may have found an odd congregation of people by the Guerlain boutique, spritzing away with a range of exquisite perfumes and walking curiously around like a bunch of intoxicated fragrance junkies on a field trip. That was us, plus a few other members of the press.

We were at Paris Gallery, led by a couple of Guerlain’s executives who were sporting the chicest French accent in all of Dubai, to discover what’s up with the new “The Exclusives” fragrance collection by the Levallois-Perret-based perfume house.

The 182-year-old company unveiled quite a comprehensive range of captivating scents and it’s quite a lot to digest (and this proved much more difficult to do because of an annoying guest, an ex-perfume industry guy turned journalist, who kept stealing the show from Guerlain’s execs) and relay to our dear readers, so we’ll instead give you a quick low-down.

La Cologne du Parfumeur

Barely a year into his new job, Thierry Wasser, perfumer extraordinaire and successor to Jean-Paul Guerlain as the nose of the perfume house, successfully concocted what is a highly personal vision of his cologne.

“Originally, I created this cologne for myself. I composed it while I was working on Idylle – it was my way of taking time out. I wanted a cologne that would perpetuate the classic heritage, but with a modern twist,” he explained.

Dubbed Cologne du Parfumeur, Wasser’s unisex composition seems to belong to the classic citrus tradition with its notes of orange blossom, lemon and bergamot, but then also reveals green, musky notes that are distinctly more original.

L’Art et La Matiere

This seven-variant collection is essentially an homage to Guerlain’s star perfuming ingredients, including rose, gardenia, iris roots, gaiac wood, and tonka bean. Our favourites from this range are the Cruel Gardénia, which smells so fresh, light and wearable, and the Angélique Noire, a scent that so effectively fuses the bitterness of an elixir of youth and the sweetness of vanilla.

La Petite Robe Noire

Ever wanted the perfect essence to go with your classic little black dress? How awesome would that be? A fragrance for exclusive with the LBD would be a good addition to your perfume collection, no?

Well, yes, it is absolutely awesome, and it is a good new addition to your growing shelf of bottled olfactory heaven. Guerlain has launched the La Petite Robe Noire, a sexy, fruity-floral scent made entirely out of literally black ingredients that stay true to the elegance of your tout noir attire.

The shaded bottle in chic and timeless black borrows its lines from a legendary Guerlain bottle: the upside-down heart. Guerlain has given it a carefree look by dressing it in a little dress designed by Serge Mansau – a sassy detail overflowing with charm.

We have one more remarkable Guerlain perfume on the next page, so be sure to check it out because it’s something you definitely don’t want to miss!

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  1. Sara

    September 23, 2010 at 10:36 am

    hey when are u going to publish the article abtout meher and riddhima’s latest collection? cant wait to read it!!! hope u took pics :D

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