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Burberry Prorsum SS2011: Because live streams are overrated

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Did you see yesterday’s live stream of the Burberry Prorsum SS2011 show at London Fashion Week? Or were you one of the countless frustrated Dubai residents whose broadband connection just couldn’t keep up with the intensive requirements of watching a live presentation shot from across the pond?

Live is a good thing – it shows you how things happen as they happen. But it’s got its pitfalls, too. A method of the old media which practically hypnotised previous generations of viewers, live broadcasts demand that audiences drop whatever it is they’re doing and stick their head in front of the TV or a computer screen. This doesn’t work anymore. Convenience trumps immediacy.

So, for those who missed the live stream yesterday which aired on so many fashion blogs here and abroad, we bring you an on-demand programme of the Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2011 showcase, to be viewed whenever you want, however you want. Enjoy!

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