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Beauty Adventures: Aesthetica’s PPX therapy

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Dubai Summers are particularly nasty for a number of reasons. It’s hot, it’s humid, it’s something we’d rather not have to live through if we could. But probably the most important thing that we should know about the harsh season is its harmful effects on our skin.

There’s rashes, sun spots and hyperpigmentation, among a long list of skin issues. It’s kind of scary, really, because if you don’t take measures to protect your skin or rejuvenate damaged skin, these Summer skin problems could become your very own problem. In addition to your daily cleanse-tone-purify-moisturise, you shouldn’t forget about the post-Summer treatment to undo all the evil work that the sun had put into destroying your skin.

Damage control

I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about the Isolaz skin rejuvenation treatment and thought maybe I should investigate further. An FDA-approved photopneumatic therapy using vacuum and laser technology, Isolaz is originally intended to treat acne and similar skin blemishes, and has done so to much acclaim. Other uses for the Isolaz treatment include laser hair removal, deep pore purification, and skin rejuvenation.

Well, I don’t know about you but to me, that sounded mesmerising, so off I went to Aesthetica Clinic at the Dubai Health Care City to give the treatment a try.

If you don’t have clear skin (meaning, you have acne or other blemishes on your face), the aesthetician may decide to give you a facial first which can be quite painful especially if extractions are necessary.

If your skin is close to that of a beauty brand endorser, however, you can go straight to the Isolaz PPX treatment. In my case, I needed a facial first before I was cleared for the PPX. The facial hurt like wide-awake surgery and made me want to strangle the life out of the dermatologist, but that’s another story. Depending on the size of your face, it will take anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes to finish the therapy.

Isolaz PPX procedure

On the table, I was given a set of special goggles to wear to keep the broadband light from getting into my eyes. The doctor steamed my face for 15 minutes, sprinkled water to avoid laser-burn, and then started vacuuming away, patch by patch, with the Isolaz wand whose tip was about twice the size of a dirham coin. After each couple of suctions that dug out the dirt, excess oil and blackheads buried deep within my pores, a flash of bright light came out of the magical beauty wand to destroy blemish-causing bacteria, as well as reduce facial redness. And then there was a distinct burning smell after every burst of light.

How did I know it was bright even with light-blocking goggles on? Well, I could still quite see flashes of it, despite my eyelids and the goggles keeping light away from my pupils. The light got particularly strong when the doctor worked on my temples, forehead, and upper part of both cheeks.

The procedure is painless and stays true to how it is advertised. Aside from a little pressure while the Isolaz machine was sucking the gunk out of my pores, I didn’t really feel anything unpleasant. One would have to be one hell of a weakling to complain about being in pain during the PPX treatment.

The judge’s gavel: Final verdict

A few minutes later, we were done. Results? My skin was much smoother, pores much less visible, and the squadron of blackheads must have taken a holiday because they weren’t looking back at me in the mirror.

Of course, it’s ridiculous to expect a truckload of improvement after just one treatment. One needs to undergo at least six Isolaz PPX treatments to really see noticeable changes in the quality of their facial skin, according to the dermatologist at Aesthetica.

At AED 500 (that’s the cheapest it can get, and it can go up if you need facials and peels to go with the PPX treatment) per session, that’s at least AED 3,000. It’s not inexpensive, considering the level of skill and amount of time required to perform the procedure. But is it worth it? I’d like to say it is.

Curious? Give Aesthetica Clinic’s Dubai Health Care City branch a call at 04-4298533 to schedule your photopneumatic therapy.

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