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Beach in the Fall? Work it with Naila

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What makes your creations different from the ocean of other swimwear lines on the market?

There is definitely an ocean of brands out there. Growing up in the South of France had definitely influenced my aesthetic and style. I believe the line is different in the sense that we are trying to bring eco-chic luxury to the market.

Sleek lines and cuts, innovative eco-friendly fabrics, high-quality textured lycra, a strong attention to details – all these elements define the NAILA Collection.

We wanted to do easy, wearable and fun pieces but still want to offer unique silhouettes that will differentiate any of NAILA’s customers on the beach.

Tell us more about Italian lycra. Why did you choose this fabric? What materials do you use for embellishments?

Our Italian soft lycra incorporates Xtra Life fibers, which offer exceptional performance from having up to 10 times stronger resistance to chlorine than ordinary spandex and providing long-lasting fit that does not get baggy or saggy. We also have a 100% eco-friendly and recycled polyester fabric for our men’s trunk shorts. The fabric is quick dry and offers extra comfort. It is a fabric rarely used in swimwear and it is what makes NAILA unique and different from any other brands. For the embellishments, they were all handmade and applied with a hot fix technique.

Is your show in Miami your first? Tell us more about this experience.

Yes, the fashion show in Miami was our first and probably not our last! It was an amazing experience I will never forget, especially because my parents came all the way from Europe to support me. It meant so much for me to have their support and for them to be there. It also felt so special because for once I was not seating as a guest but I was the designer!

How does your Middle Eastern roots translate to the design philosophy of your creations?

My Middle Eastern roots actually translated more than I would have expected. I wanted to focus on a minimalistic collection and I ended up adding embellishments, stones, shiny textured lycra, small gold details, laser cuts.

I couldn’t resist to add more glam, which I think is pretty Middle Eastern of me. But the collection end up looking fantastic and very fun to wear.

Is your line representative of the Arabic culture and traditions? How?

I would say the line is quite Mediterranean and chic with a Middle Eastern touch. Its name NAILA also reflects its heritage and means attainer and achiever. I couldn’t find a better name, which also embodies who I am – a total melting pot of cultures!

I was also very inspired by the beauty of the desert from its colors and textures, translated into earthy tones. In addition, we used a very bright turquoise, which reminds me of the blue of Oman’s beautiful waters.

Your design house is based in New York. Did you deliberately choose the Big Apple as your headquarters?

As I studied at Parsons School NY and I did so many internships in NY, I became quite familiar with the fashion environment in the city. I think it is easier to set a line in NY, as it is one of the fashion capitals of the world. However, we also have an operating branch of our company NAILA set in Dubai for our Middle Eastern operations.

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