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Amanda Wakeley’s obsession to draping

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Forgive us for still reporting on London Fashion Week when everyone’s in the middle of their Milan itineraries already, but we’ve got a few awesome designs left to show you that are too good to just leave to collect dust and cobwebs on our hard drive.

So apparently, self-taught British designer Amanda Wakeley is completely fixated on draping, at least for the time being. Sending model after model down the runway clad in all sorts of drapes – from tops and skirts to dresses and evening gowns – Wakeley showcased a highly cohesive Spring/Summer line to much adoration from the crowd. If we were to guess what she wanted to achieve with this collection, we’d say she wanted to show just how much draping could be successfully applied to contemporary fashion without going down that dreaded looks-like-a-walking-curtain-hanger road.

Most of the collection featured drapery drawn from the soft colours of the brown family, with a few in crisp white and refreshing peach. The accessories, which breathed life into the already animated pieces, ranged from chunky strappy belts, mirror-like moon-shaped metal necklaces, and the ever so simplistic shiny thin cuff that gives the impression of an ancient Egyptian princess who’s traveled forward in time to get her over-the-top jewellery some much-needed updating.

What’s most interesting about Wakeley’s showcase is the way she used accessories to complement the draping effect in some of her creations. Lots and lots of hanging chains, clumped together by tiny beaded geometric planes, created a certain kind of surrealism that got our style radars going abuzz.

Now, if you’re excited about getting your French tips on Amanda Wakeley’s collection but at the same time feeling sad and frustrated that neither Boutique 1 nor Symphony stocks them, fret not. You can head over to the designer’s website and order the goodies from the e-shop. These designs won’t go live for another five or six months, but having to wait for them is in all universes better than not being able to buy them at all.

All photographs by Duilio Marconi

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    September 27, 2010 at 2:50 pm

    Loads more SS’11 backstage and catwalk pictures on our blog;

    Thanks for the review!

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