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7 questions for Harper’s Bazaar Arabia

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So we were supposed to meet Louise Foster Nichol, Editor-in-Chief of Harper’s Bazaar Arabia to do a video interview on the upcoming Fortnight of Fashion this October and a few bits about the magazine itself. The affair was, however, called off due to conflicting schedules.

A number of our questions remain unaddressed but the nosy fashion journalists that we are crave for answers. We make public a list of questions, prepared for what would have been an exciting encounter, in hopes of getting people to wonder about the same things that baffle our simple minds. Okay we’re kidding, our minds are anything but simple.

1.) What are the objectives of Fortnight of Fashion, really, and how did last year’s event measure up to these objectives?

2.) Was the idea for Fortnight of Fashion somehow inspired by Anna Wintour’s Fashion’s Night Out? How would you explain the fact that it was started in the same year as FNO, roughly a month after the latter was launched?

3.) If getting people to go out and start shopping again is one of the objectives of FoF, then we want to ask this: Do people really need motivating when it comes to the shopping aspect of their lives? Isn’t shopping already considered a national pastime and sport here in the UAE?

4.) With this event, what kind of impact do you wish to make on the local fashion industry? There doesn’t appear to be a lot of involvement from our local talent pool, at least based on the line up of events being promoted.

5.) In the future, will there be similar events in other Middle Eastern cities? Maybe to stay to the Arabia part of your magazine’s title?

6.) There’s talk about Vogue coming to town. What do you think about that?

7.) We get a lot of people coming to us and asking why the Bazaar girls appear far too often on the pages of the magazine. Because of this, a few have likened the title to a fashion blog. What can you say about this?

The floor is yours.

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